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Top 5 Free Genealogy Websites

Top 5 Free Genealogy Websites

Top 5 Free Genealogy Websites. Are you full of turkey, Christmas pud and mince pies? If so here is a light, calorie free post to tempt your genealogy taste-buds! I hope you all had a great Christmas with your families and wish everyone a joyous, peaceful New Year.

So here are my top 5 free genealogy websites. Do leave a comment below with your top sites.

1. Family Search 

This was one of the first genealogy websites when the internet arrived on the Family Top 5 Free Genealogy WebsitesHistory scene. I can remember talking to a member of the LDS Church in the 1970’s  and they told me that one day we would all be able to do our genealogy research at home on a computer. It sounded wonderful, but I didn’t really believe him ! The website is funded by the LDS Church, volunteers have worked hard indexing etc and they encourage anyone and everyone to use the site.

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2. Irish genealogy ie

If you have Irish ancestors then this has to be on your favourites list. The Irish government encourages genealogy tourism Top 5 Free Genealogy Websitesand to that end has funded this great website. They have also allowed birth records (not just indexes) to be released for viewing online, These are births which occurred over 100 years, marriages which happened over 75 years ago and deaths over 50 years. If only the UK would follow suit. Grateful thanks to the government of Ireland.

3. National Library of Scotland

The National Library of Scotland have an extensive map collection which isn’t just confined to Scotland, it covers the whole of the UK, Ireland plus various other countries worldwide. Ordnance Maps, Bartholomew Maps, Military maps, Estate maps you name it it may well be here! A great resource for family and local history.

4. RootsChat

RootsChat is an online forum for genealogists. if you have a question big or small, complicated or simple then Top 5 Free Genealogy Websitesthis is the place to ask it – someone is bound to know the answer. Remember that a question is only silly if you don’t ask it! Do a search of your family names and you may well find a group of family historians researching that name helping each other with their research. Genealogists are a generous bunch of people and are always happy to help solve a problem.

5. FreeReg

FreeReg is run by volunteers with the aim to place online transcripts of baptism, marriage, and burial records from Church of England Churches and Non-Conformist Churches and Chapels. Covering the UK it is dependent on the transcripts sent in by volunteers. Over 37 million records online and continuously being added to. An invaluable source of information when you can’t find images of the records on Ancestry or FindMyPast. They have recently updated their website and it now very easy to use.

Top 5 Free Genealogy Websites – Summary

These are my top 5 free genealogy websites, I use them frequently, of course I always try and view the original document Top 5 Free Genealogy Websitesto confirm transcripts, indexes etc. However when I am hundreds of miles away from where the records are and the originals aren’t online elsewhere then these are great substitutes. Remember that the big two websites FindMyPast and Ancestry have some free records online and they both offer a free 14 day trial. Click the links below for more details.

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