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Tasmania Australia Family History

Tasmania Australia Family History family history. If like me you have some ancestors who were given a one way ticket to Tasmania courtesy of the judicial system then this website is going to be of interest to you.  Tasmania, Australia Family History can be new territory for some genealogists and the learning curve can be steep depending on what you have been used to.

Tasmania has been known in the past as Van Dieman’s Land and prior to 1825 was governed by New South Wales on the main land so some records are kept in the NSW Archives in Sydney and some in the Tasmanian Archives in Hobart. A quick look at both archives websites should sort out who has what. However before you get to that stage I suggest you take a look at Malcolm Ward website. Malcolm is obviously a keen genealogist who enjoys helping fellow researchers. He has gathered together a large collection of useful  information on Tasmanian Family History data, links to online resources and information on where specific records can be found. The areas covered are:-

  • Institutions
  • Births, Marriages, Divorce and Deaths
  • Church Records & Histories
  • Burials, Tombstones and Memorials
  • Convicts and Courts
  • Census, Musters and Electoral Rolls
  • Orphanages, Hospitals, Schools etc
  • Land Records and Public Works
  • Wills
  • Passenger Lists
  • Military Service
  • Colonial Government
  • Regional Historical Societies
  • Maps and Plans
  • Mining and West Coast
  • Railways and Tramways

I recommend this website as a starting point before you branch out to the NSW and Tasmania Archive websites. Well worth spending some time getting the most out of Malcolm’s hard work.

Guide to Resources for Tasmanian Genealogy


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