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RootsTech From Afar – Free, Accessible and Well Worth While

RootsTech From Afar – Free, Accessible and Well Worth While

Just because you can’t attend big genealogy conferences in person doesn’t mean you can’t attend the key note lectures, see the interviews and generally join in the buzz of the conference. Let me share with you how I organise a conference day without leaving home. I decide which day is going to be my conference day, I turn off my phone, ignore the door bell, get in plenty of drinks (non-alcoholic – you’ll want to concentrate and not miss a word!) and prepare myself a lovely lunch in advance. If any of my gene friends are free then I invite them along to join in.

RootsTech is the main conference that is available after the event via the internet. Some lectures are also streamed live direct from the conference, but often the time difference makes it inconvenient to watch here in the UK. I don’t mind watching after the event, it is all new to me after all and it does mean I can have a whole day of lectures.

What is RootsTech?

RootsTech is the biggest annual genealogy gathering in the world. It is held in Salt Lake City and offers world class speakers on all aspect of genealogy, 200+ classes, labs and smaller lectures, an Expo Hall where all the big companies have stands plus a lot of the smaller family history businesses are also present and last, but not least there are plenty of social events where you can meet up with existing gene friends and make new ones.  The conference can be quite American focused, but there is plenty of talks that are of interest and use to those of us with UK ancestry. Here is a link to a report why one of America’s leading genealogist goes every years. Click Here.

However this, of course, comes at a cost ….. $199 for your 4 day pass, $19 per computer lab, at least 5 nights hotel accommodation $765 and you’ii probably want to stay a few days longer so you can visit the LDS genealogy library and do some research work, return airfares London to Salt Lake City £750 plus lunches, taxis etc. I’m not going to add it up as it is far too scary! So how can you enjoy RootsTech without leaving home?

RootsTech At Home

So having got yourself organised it is a simply matter of just deciding which lectures and interview that you want to watch. You might want to start with a run down of each days highlights.

RootsTech Highlights 2017  – Wednesday

RootsTech Highlights 2017 – Thursday

RootsTech Highlights 2017 – Friday

RootsTech Highlights 2017 – Saturday

A few of the following presentations appear to be audio only, but still worth listening to.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 Sessions – click here!

  • Liz Wiseman: Innovator Summit General Session 2017
  • Steve Rockwood: Innovator Summit General Session 2017
  • Ben Bennett; Craig Bott, Grow Utah; Heather Holmes, TapGenes; Nick Jones, JRNL, Inc; Robert Kehrer, FamilySearch: Industry Trends and Outlook
  • Cydni Tetro: Innovation: Best Practices and Applications
  • Showdown Semi-Finalists: Innovator Showdown Semi-Final
  • Alison Taylor, Pictures and Stories: Metadata—Writing on the Back of a Digital Photo

Thursday, February 9, 2017 Sessions – click here!

  • Drew and Jonathan Scott: RootsTech General Session 2017
  • Steve Rockwood: RootsTech General Session 2017
  • Kelli Bergheimer: Getting Started in Genealogy
  • Diahan Southard, Your DNA Guide: DNA: The Glue that Holds Families Together
  • Dana Drutman: DNA Matching on MyHeritage
  • Lara Diamond: Jewish Genealogy: Where to Look and What’s Available
  • Angie Bush: My Ancestors are in MY DNA!
  • Crystal Farish; Rhonna Farrer: Family History Is Anything but Boring

Friday, February 10, 2017 Sessions – click here!

  • Kenyatta Berry; Sherri Camp; Melvin Collier: RootsTech General Session 2017: African Heritage Presentations
  • Jason Hewlett and Finalists: Innovator Showdown Finals 2017
  • Judy G. Russell: Mothers, Daughters, Wives: Tracing Female Lines
  • Mary Kircher Roddy: Censational Census Strategies
  • Amy Harris: Next Steps in British Research
  • Sunny Morton: Big 4: Comparing Ancestry, findmypast, FamilySearch and MyHeritage
  • Rorey Cathcart; D. Joshua Taylor; Rich Venezia: You Found it Where? Unusual Records
  • Jen Baldwin: Cross the Atlantic with Religious Records
  • Anna Graff; Jennifer Hadley; Katie Smith; Andrew Thomas; Tyler Thorsted: How to Preserve Your Family Heirlooms

Saturday, February 11, 2017 Sessions – click here!

  • Buddy Valastro: RootsTech General Session 2017
  • CeCe Moore: RootsTech General Session 2017
  • Steve Reed, JRNL, Inc.: Journaling Principles that Work
  • Crista Cowan, Ancestry: Don’t Just Be a Searcher, Be a Researcher

Also, the RootsTech 2016 Video Archive is still available online – click here!

So get yourself organised, announce to the family you are having a day off and settle down and enjoy RootsTech Conference. And don’t forget the popcorn !!

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