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New Genealogy Records Released – w/e 17 Nov 2017

New Genealogy Records Released New Genealogy Records Released – w/e 17 Nov 2017

What New Genealogy Records have we got to look at new this week?


Ancestry haven’t released any new records and there are no updates either. They have been busy talking about the new  tv programme “The Secret’s In My Family”, which is on w-channel accessible only if you subscribe to pay tv.  As I don’t have pay tv I haven’t been able to see the programmes which is a disappointment.

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FindMyPast pledges to bring new records out every Friday so there is always something to report on.

British Army, First World War Soldiers’ Medical Records

These records are cared for by The National Archive (TNA), Kew and are series War Office MH106: First World War Representative Medical Records of Servicemen. If your ancestors was injured during WW1 then you may find them here. As they are tagged “Representative” it may mean that a random selection of records were kept and the remainder destroyed. The records were  originally kept by the Medical Research Committee, then given to the British Museum before finally coming under TNA. There are admission and discharge records from field ambulances casualty clearing stations and hospitals. As always read the full description of the records on the search page before you dive into looking at the records.

212,000 names given the following:

  • Name
  • When & where wounded
  • Nature of injuries
  • Length of  treatment

New Genealogy Records Released British Armed Forces, First World War Widows’ Pension Forms

We tend to focus on the servicemen and women whilst undertaking war time research, but of course their families were deeply affected by what happened. Nearly four million women became war widows during WW1, many had children to support so the War Widows’ Pension was a vital source of funds. This collection is starting off with eight thousand pension records and I am sure will be added to in the near future. Again these records are stored at TNA, they come under the reference Ministry of Pension PIN82. The documents give the following:

  • Serviceman’s Service number
  • Regiment
  • Cause & date of death
  • Wife’s name
  • Year of marriage
  • Name of any children

British Army, Royal Welch Fusiliers 1807-1948

96,000 enlistment registers, transfer registers, discharge registers and casualty reports for soldiers in the Royal Welch Fusiliers. Time period covers their involvement in the Anglo-Boer War, Boxer Rebellion, First World War, and Second World War, so quite an extensive range. Originals are held at the Royal Welsh Fusiliers Museum Trust

New Genealogy Records Released Hampshire, Portsmouth Military Tribunals 1916-1919

Last week saw the release of several collections of military tribunals, this has been added to this week with records from Hampshire. If an ancestor or their family or their workplace sought exemption for them from military service then they will have appeared before a tribunal. Well worth searching if you have Hampshire families.

Military Historical Society Bulletins 1950 – 2017

Some good background material here for those wishing to create a well researched family history. The Military Historical Society Bulletins have articles on regimental uniforms and regimental histories, images of soldiers, uniforms, and badges.

Middlesex, Harrow School Photographs Of Pupils & Masters 1869-1925New Genealogy Records Released

Those who find ancestors in this collection may be rewarded with a school portrait of Old Harrovians along with a transcript of details relating to the student or master.

British Army, First World War Casualty Lists

Casualty Lists were issued throughout WW1, these lists were often re-published in local newspapers naming families in the area who had soldiers at the front. Lists were made up of killed in action, missing, wounded and those known to have been taken prisoner.

British Army Service Records.

New addition to the Service Record Collection. This time it is records of those who served in the Scots Guards.

Prisoners Of War 1715-1945

New addition to the Prisoner of War Collection. The records concern non-British Soldiers and includes documents from he Foreign Office, Colonial Office, War Office, Admiralty and Air Force. An interesting collection of documents.

Trinity Mirror Archive

FindMyPast announced yesterday that they are to digitise, index and place online the trinity Mirror Newspaper Archive. Over 12 million pages of newspapers will be involved in a project that will take 2 years. This is something that many genealogists and historian will benefit from.

Don’t Forget that Find My Past Offers a 14 Day FREE Trial Of Their Website. Great For You To Be Able To Judge For Yourself Before Committing To A Subscription. Click Here to Try.

New Genealogy Records Released Deceased Online

Deceased Online have added to their London Cemetery Collection – read my posts about Cemetery Records here and The London Magnificent Seven here – this time it is 90,000 crematoria records for Lambeth, West Norwood and Streatham cemeteries. The records comprise digital scans of the original cremation registers, as well as scattering or burial locations. West Norwood is one of the Magnificent Seven.



British Newspaper Archive

New additions and updates

  • Coventry Evening Telegraph
  • Todmorden Advertiser and Hebden Bridge Newsletter
  • Melton Mowbray Mercury and Oakham and Uppingham News
  • Surrey Gazette
  • Leominster News and North West Herefordshire & Radnorshire Advertiser
  • Isle of Wight Times
  • Cambrian News


 War Office Registers, 1772-1935

This looks like a very interesting collection, however frustratingly you can search the index, but can’t access the image and further details unless you are at a Family History Centre or Designated Library. Where I live these are few and far between and only open for a very few hours a week. The collection comprises regimental descriptions, succession books, commissions, appointments, descriptions, returns of services, casualties, half pay, pensions, gratuities. The originals are held at The National Archives in Kew under WO 25.

An interesting message has started to appear on the FamilySearch website “Searching and viewing historical records will soon require you to be logged in with a free FamilySearch Account”. I have email FamilySearch and asked if that means that we might be able to access images that at the moment can only be viewed at Family History Centre’s. I’ll let you know the reply.


Another military dominated collection this week, I am looking forward to searching all those plus I am definitely taking a look at the Melton Mowbray Mercury newspaper and of course I am for ever searching for my London ancestors so I shall log onto Deceased Online.   I hope that you find plenty to add to your family tree from this new selection of records.

Happy Ancestor Hunting !

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    1. Hi Cathy,
      Thank you for your comment. I am aware that some archives do place restrictions on how their data is used, Cornwall Record Office is a good example of this. A while ago I was a speaker at a conference where Diane Loosle was also speaking and she told me that most of the archives were happy for their records to go online as it took pressure off the archives research rooms. Having seen how crowded archives can get these days I can see how putting material online would help. The FamilySearch press release states “FamilySearch must assure all its partners that its content is offered in a safe and secure online environment. Patrons creating a free account and signing in fulfills that need.” That made me wonder if we may be able to access records that at the moment are restricted. It would be wonderful if this did occur. Meanwhile I think we all are very grateful for the amazing work that the LDS Church has done over decades and allowing non-church members free access to their data.
      Once more thank you for your comment, always a delight to have contact with my readers.
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