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New Genealogy Record Releases and Free Military Records – 10 November 2017

New Genealogy Record Releases and Free Military Records – 10 November 2017

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Let’s have a look at the New Genealogy Record Releases and Free Military Records for the week ending 10 November 2017


Before we get into the new data-sets and updates let me tell you about the great Free Military Records offer Ancestry has on this weekend.

Free Fold3 Military Records – UK and Australia.

Free Military Records. Free access to UK and Australia Military Records on Ancestry’s sister company Fold3. Fold3 focuses New Releaseson military records, some of which are on Ancestry, but a lot of them aren’t – that is what is so good about this free access offer for UK and Australia data. You can get Fold3 bundled in with Ancestry under their All Access subscription. Ancestry All Access gives you an Ancestry Worldwide subscription along with access to Fold3 and basic. If your research is mainly UK based then I can’t recommend the All Access subscription as is USA publications and Fold3 has a high USA content. Fold3 has significant collections covering African-American history, Native American history, the American Revolutionary War, the American Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War, the US Bureau of Investigation, Project Blue Book and other aspects of American’s history and military organizations and conflicts.

Fold3 and are companies that Ancestry has bought in the last few years. Lots of people hoped that Ancestry would simply bundle both companies records in with the Worldwide subscription, but at the moment they are being kept separate. I don’t know if that will ever happen in the future, I suspect Ancestry will want to get back some of the purchase price before they even consider that. It is not publicly available how much Fold3 cost Ancestry, but it will have run into millions of dollars so we can’t blame them for wanting it to run viably.

Fold3 does have a small amount of UK and Australia content, some of these records are included in the UK Premium and the Worldwide subscriptions, but not all. It is this content that is being offered free this weekend.

Access to the records listed below will start on 10 November and be free until 13 November, 2017 at 23:59 GMT. To view these records you will need to register for free with with your email address.  You will then be send a username and password to access the records. After the free access period ends, you will only be able to view the records in the featured collections using an Ancestry All Access subscription. Below is what is on offer free.

  • Australia WWI Service Records
  • British Army Lists
  • British Army WWI Service Records
  • Distinguished Conduct Medal Citations
  • Military Books
  • U.K. Navy Lists
  • British Army WWI Medal Rolls Index Cards
  • Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioner Admission & Discharge Records
  • Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioner Soldier Service Record
  • Royal Hospital Kilmainham Pensioner Records (Ireland)
  • U.K. WWI War Diaries (France, Belgium, and Germany)
  • U.K. WWI War Diaries (Gallipoli-Dardanelles)

To register and access these Free Military Records (10 – 13 November 2017) CLICK HERE.

Now onto the new releases from Ancestry …..

Absent Voters Lists 1918 – 1925 & 1939

Although the collection is labeled the UK it only covers England and Scotland at the moment. Hopefully New ReleasesIreland and Wales will be added at a later date. An Act of Parliament in 1916 stated that service men and women were to be listed in separate registers within the constituencies where they normally lived. This allowed them to vote by proxy or by post when away from home on active service. You can see why these registers are such an important genealogy resource as they not only give name, rank, number and regiment, but also a civilian address where parents and siblings or spouse and children may be living.

Suffolk Extracted Church of England parish records 1538 – 1850

This data-set is one of those which should be used as a clue not a source. The information gathered has come from printed sources which aren’t named. So do use it and if you find something then go and try to see the original as there might be further information there and also it will allow you to check that the transcriber and indexer recorded everything correctly.

Berkshire Electoral Registers 1840 – 1965

Pretty much does what it says on the tin !! Here are the electoral registers, sometimes called electoral rolls for Berkshire. Very useful records especially for tracking down people who moved between census, but be aware that not everyone had the vote from 1840. Good old Wikipedia gives chapter and verse on electoral history here. And the National Archives has a website on citizenship which is interesting here.

Dreadnough Seaman’s Hospital Admissions and Discharges 1826 – 1930

Ancestry seems to be digitising at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, wonder if they will New Releasesscan the ship’s logs? I do hope so. There is a good description and history of the hospital below the search box for this data-set which is well worth a couple of minutes to read. The Dreadnought was a ship which was converted into a hospital for seaman. Included in the information is age and place of birth which is always useful. Covers a long time period these are a lovely lot of records for those with seaman ancestors.

Don’t forget that you can try Ancestry FREE for 14 days – CLICK HERE for this FREE Try Before You Buy offer.


Free Military Records. November is the time when the two big genealogy websites offer Free Military Records, you have seen above’s offering of Fold3 records and FindMyPast are offering free access to their military collection 8 – 12 November as their contribution. FindMyPast has some great Army, Navy and Air Force records. Here is just a selection of some of the data-sets – I was going to list them all, but there are just far too many!!

  • Army Deserters 1828 – 1840
  • British Army Pensioners Royal Hospital Kilmainham 1783 – 1822
  • British Army Schoolchildren & Schoolmasters 1803 – 1932
  • British Army Service Records
  • British Army Deserters & Absentees in Police Gazette 1914 – 1919
  • British Army East Surrey Regiment 1899 – 1919
  • British Army Honorable Artillery Company
  • British Army Irish Regimental Enlistment Register 1877 – 1924
  • British Army List of Half Pay Officers 1714
  • British Army Lloyds of London Memorial Roll 1914 – 1919
  • British Army Queen’s Royal West Surrey Regiment 1901 – 1918
  • British Army Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps 1917 – 1920
  • British Army Worldwide Index 1841
  • London Watermen in Royal Navy 1803 – 1809
  • British Royal Air Force Airmen’s Service Records 1912 – 1939
  • Poplar, Middlesex Military Tribunals 1916 – 1918
  • Northamptonshire Military Tribunals 1916 – 1918
  • Surrey Military Tribunals 1915 – 1918
  • etc. etc, etc.

Click Here for FREE access to FindMyPast’s Military records

Now onto the new releases…..

Commonwealth War Graves Commission Debt of Honour

This is a transcript of the CWWCG records which are available here as well.

British Armed Forces, Roman Catholic Registers 1836 – 1975

Many thousands of British Armed Forces Roman Catholic baptism, confirmation, marriage and burial registers. The entries are for British Army, Royal Air Force, and Royal Navy personnel and their families at home and abroad. The data-set covers the military towns of Aldershot and Shorncliffe, as well as bases in Cairo, Cyprus, Malta etc. Indexed and there is a browse facility.

British Army, Army Lists 1839-1946

Commissioned Officer’s only this data-set will give you birth date, rank, unit, service details, injures if any, medals bestowed and type of commission.

British Army, East Surrey Regiment 1899-1919

If you have ancestors in the East Surrey’s then search this data-set. Gives rank, regiment, battalion, as well as details of the wounds and any medals they received.  This is a transcript.

British Army, Railwaymen Died In The Great War

Linked to National Railway Museum website you can discover details of an ancestor’s pre-war career, military service and death. If you are really lucky they might be a photograph as well.

British Army, Irish Regimental Enlistment Registers 1877-1924

Irish regiments in the British Army were disbanded in 1922 upon the creation of the Irish Free State. This collection is a link through to the National Army Museum website where more information can be found. Again this is a transcript.

British Army, Northumberland Fusiliers 1881-1920

An addition to the Northumberland Fusiliers collection. Includes soldiers who were involved in the 4th Ashanti War (1895-1896), Sudan, Boer War, North West Frontier and WW1. Remember that soldiers didn’t need to be living in the county to join that county’s regiment so don’t dismiss a record just because they didn’t come from Northumberland.

Scots Guards Army Service Records 1799 – 1939

Five thousand plus new records are now available to browse (not indexed as yet) regarding men who served with the Scots Guards between 1799 and 1939.

Don’t forget that you can try FindMyPast FREE for 14 days – Click Here for this Try Before You Buy Offer


British Newspaper Index to Death Notices

A useful index, but if you want to see the actual article then you have to go to a Family History Centre or subscribe to the British Newspaper Archive.

British Newspaper Archives

Cambrian News 1885-1889, 1891-1896, 1898-1905

The Genealogist

No Free Military Records from The Genealogist, but they have added to their War Memorial Collection with memorials from Worcestershire, London, South Yorkshire Free Military Recordsand a few other counties which they didn’t name in their press release. There are also some memorials from Canada and Australia. Access is via The Genealogist’s Diamond subscription

Forces War Records

Nothing new from Forces War Records.


A definite military favour to the records released this week which is to be expected. Do take advantage of the Ancestry/Fold3 and FindMyPast Free Access Offers. I don’t have a subs to Fold3 so I shall definitely be spending time on there this weekend.


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