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Locating Cemetery Records – Genealogy Problem Solver

Locating Cemetery Records – Genealogy Problem Solver

I get quite a few queries from readers so I thought I would share some of the questions and my https://www.madaboutgenealogy.comanswers as it might help others with similar genealogy problems. the one today is about locating cemetery records.


I am trying to find out where an interment might be at Heaton Cemetery. Like trying to find gold on these grave sites! Have you any idea where I should start looking. Can you access any records at the Cemetery.


Hi, Thanks for your message. I am assuming that the cemetery you refer to is either Heaton Cemetery also known as Beker & Heaton Cemetery, Benton Road, Newcastle upon Tyne or Heaton Cemetery, Bolton, Greater Manchester? If not then let me know where the cemetery is. I am also assuming you are wanting an interment in one of the two Heaton Cemeterys and not a church yard. See my post on the difference between cemeteries and churchyards by clicking here.

I have put the details of the two cemetery’s and their records below …….

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Heaton Cemetery also known as Beker & Heaton Cemetery, Benton Road, Newcastle upon Tyne are a number of websites that have information about Heaton Cemetery. If the grave you want is a Military Grave then you should look at the Commonwealth War Graves website also Find A Grave website has information on the war graves, but also Find A Grave have details of 1,320 graves there, so the interment might be amongst those burial details.

Tyne & Wear Archives have Heaton Cemetery grants of rights, burial registers (consecrated and unconsecrated ground) with index, purchased graves register for the period 1890 – 1956. I got that information from the National Archives Discovery catalogue, but couldn’t find the records on the Tyne & Wear online catalogue so I would contact them before you make a trip to see the documents.

Researching this query led me to a very interesting website Wrecksite. It shows that there are 30 burials of mariners who died because of ship wrecks. Click here to see the list. I think I shall explore this website further and then write about it as it obviously contains lots of information of help to genealogists.

Newcastle City Council own Heaton cemetery and if you contact the Bereavement Services with the name of the deceased, date of death and the name of the cemetery they will be able to give you full details. However there may well be a charge for this service.

Heaton Cemetery, Bolton, Greater Manchester website has a list of 91 burials, but this is far from complete.

FindaGrave have a list of 2,390 graves so that is worth a look. Whether it also includes the Interment website entries I can’t say so I would look at both.

I do hope it is Heaton, Bolton that is the cemetery you are after as all the records are available on which is great news for you. The website tells us that they have 94,557 entries from 1879 to 2012 so an excellent time range. There is a charge for access the records, but it is simple to buy a few credits and the cost is quite reasonable as you get a scan of the actual records and there is a plan of the cemetery so you can locate the precise grave if you wish to visit.

Newspaper Reports’t forget that FindMyPast and the British Newspaper Archives have an ever growing collection of digitised newspapers that are indexed through their contract with The British Library. Local newspapers often reported on funerals so it is always worth a search of newspapers. Remember to widen your search from the date of death to a week or two after the funeral as there may be death notices, reports of the funeral itself with a list of who attended, who sent apologies for absence and a list of the floral tributes. The Victorians in particular loved to read full details of a funeral ! Also there may be notices of thanks to those who attended or sent flowers. From there of course you could then search for any will or probate document.

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