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Genealogy database of handloom weavers of Perth Scotland

Have you got weavers from Perth?

This might seen a rather niche question, and it is, but if you have people from Perth then this website might well be a treasure trove of information for you. You can use the big genealogy websites such as Ancestry and Find My Past to build your family history, but to really get to know those ancestors you will want to use some of the millions of smaller websites to fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

So …. this is an essential site for you if you have folk from Perth. It is easy to use, always a bonus! Simply click on one of the headings on the left hand side of the front entry page and work your way through the page, some pages are fairly long and you could use your browsers “Find” tool to shorten your search, but I think it is well worth while taking the time to read those pages. There is a lot of be said for making haste slowly with genealogy, it isn’t a race and there are no prizes for the person with the largest number of ancestors on their family tree!

Family History Content

Handloom Weavers of Perth

Weavers Study 1770 – 1844

Kirk Seats 1749

1841 Census extracts

1843 – 1844 Directory extracts

Weavers Bearing Arms 1715

King James VI Hospital Rental Books

King James VI Hospital Chartularies

Miscellaneous and Poems

The author of this website is the well-known genealogist Chris Paton, he developed this site as a project connected with his Postgraduate Certificate in Genealogical Studies at the University of Strathclyde.  You can be assured that the work on this website of of a very good standard and can be included in your family history.

Remember to always note your sources for the data you include so that in years to come you will known exactly where you got each snippet of information. Let’s hope more participants of this course go public with the fruits of their labours. An example of how good and informative a website can be.

If you would like to access my Free Genealogy Resource Library simple fill in your details in the form below and you will get immediate free access. How good is that?!

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