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Genealogy Webinars & PodcastsGenealogy Webinars & Podcasts

We are approaching the silly season when most of our spare time is taken up with writing Christmas cards, eating far too many mince pies and worrying about if someone has been left off the Christmas present list ! So I thought you might like to take a little time out and listen to some entertaining and informative Genealogy Webinars & Podcasts. Let’s take a look to see what is on offer and how you access them.

Genealogy Webinars & Podcasts – FindMyPast

FindMyPast’s webinars are easy to access on their website and if you don’t have a subscription then Genealogy Webinars & Podcastsyou can simply open up a free account and then choose which of the many webinars you wish to watch. Some of their webinars are casual chat sessions while others are more formal, but all have something to offer the family historian, many feature leading experts in their fields such as Michala Hulme, Peter Higginbotham and Audrey Collins.

How to access the FindMyPast webinars

  • Once you have a FindMyPast account set up either a subscription or a free account then you arrive at the FindMyPast Home Page.
  • On the blue menu band at the top click BLOG.
  • On the blue menu band at the top click ALL WEBINARS
  • The webinars are listed in the main body of the page. They are in order of when they were put online, the latest one at the top.
  • On the right hand side is a column which has the 3 latest posts from the FindMyPast Community News. After that is the 3 most viewed webinars. Then a list of genealogy articles.

If you can’t find what you want on the FindMyPast website then head over to YouTube and put FindMyPast into the search engine and you will come to the FindMyPast Channel which holds the back catalogue of videos. This holds over 100 videos from FindMyPast, some are of their adverts, but most are well worth watching. If you have an Apple TV Box then you should be able to watch YouTube on your tv not just on your computer.

Click Here To Access The Latest FindMyPast Webinars.

 Click Here To Access FindMyPast YouTube Channel. 

Genealogy Webinars & Podcasts – Ancestry

To access the Ancestry Academy, which is where the webinars are held, you need to either have Genealogy Webinars & Podcastsa subscription or register a free guest account. This is easy to do and doesn’t involve you in any fees. Ancestry offer an extensive range of webinars and videos, everything from information about their DNA Kits to How To’s on their major record collections. Like FindMyPast their webinars are run by leading genealogists like Amy Johnson Crow, Anna Swayne, Christa Cowan and Brad Argent. Don’t be put off if a webinar on a UK topic is run by an American, these genealogists know their British records inside out and you can be sure of a quality Ancestry experience. I also enjoy the informal series “Between The Leaves’, 3 genealogists get together and chat about a certain subject such as “if you could talk to one of your ancestors for 15 minutes who would it be”. Great fun, but I always learn something as well. Over 100 topics to choose from, not all about UK records, but then you might be like me and have ancestors that settled all round the world!

How to access the Ancestry webinars

  • Once you have logged on to Ancestry as a Subscriber or as a Guest Account Holder you arrive at the Ancestry Home Page.
  • On the black menu band at the top of the page click XTRAS
  • On the drop down menu click on Ancestry Academy
  • The videos are arranged under headings:- Featured Courses, Getting Started, Learn new Skills In 5 Minutes, What You Might Have Missed, Location Research, Moving From There To here, Featured Instructor.

On the left hand side is a menu with a variety of headings that you can click on to get a list of videos on that subject. At the bottom of this left hand side menu is a tab Instructors, click on that and you can see who is running the webinars and their backgrounds. At the end of this list is a tab Hints & Tricks, this is a listing of 117 short videos on a very wide range of genealogy subjects. There are even more webinars and videos from Ancestry on YouTube, in fact there are 763 at the time of writing this post! Some are short commercials, but it is easy to see which videos are the ones to watch. It is here that you can find the “Between The Leaves” video chats.

Click Here To Access The Latest Ancestry Webinars.

Click Here To Access Ancestry YouTube Channel.

Genealogy Webinars & Podcasts – The National Archives

The National Archives (TNA) based at Kew, London also offers a very full range of instructional webinars and podcasts.

Genealogy Webinars & PodcastsHow to access The National Archives webinars & podcasts

  • Go to the TNA website – Click Here.
  • Click on the section “Help With Your Research”.
  • Go down the “Help With Your Research” page until you get to Play Podcasts and View Webinars boxes.
  • Click on Play Podcasts and you get taken to a page where you can narrow down your search by subject :- Family History, Military History, Local History etc.
  • There is information on this page about podcast mini series, latest podcasts and a search form
  • Click on View Webinars and you get taken to a page where you can choose which webinar to watch and also see a list of upcoming webinars.

If you want to see the complete back catalogue of TNA webinars and videos then go over to YouTube and you have a choice of 163 videos. Some are quite short others are nearly an hour, something for however long you have to spare. The webinars and podcasts are recording of lectures given at TNA, so there may be a little background noise, but this is no different than if you were attending in person.

Click Here To Access The National Archive Webinars & Podcasts

Click Here To Access The National Archive YouTube Channel.

Genealogy Webinars & Podcasts – Summary

Do go and take a look at the wide range of online webinars & podcasts all freely available. I have almost given up watching television these days as there is so many good quality genealogy programmes online. Watching and listening to these genealogy webinars & podcasts means that there is always something new to learn, something to think about and a new lead to follow.

Enjoy !

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