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Free Ancestry Databases

Free Ancestry Databases

Did you know about the Free Ancestry databases? Ancestry allow Registered Guest Users  to access some of their databases free of charge. The databases cover many countries and would be particularly helpful if you thought your ancestor might have emigrated. But first you need to register with Ancestry.

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How To Get a Registered Guest Account

If you don’t have a subscription with Ancestry you can get a 14 day FREE trial by simply registering online with Ancestry, you will have to put in your bank card details so that should you wish to continue accessing Ancestry after the free 14 day period expires they will be able to take a subscription fee from your bank account. If you don’t wish to continue I suggest you contact them a few days prior to the end of the free period, that way you won’t be charged for something you don’t want.

If you decide not to subscribe to Ancestry after your 14 days trial period is over, and you have notified them you don’t wish to subscribe, you will still have an account with Ancestry, this account is known as a Registered Guest Account. You will still be able to sign into your account using the Username and Password that you nominated when you signed up. You can then access the free databases whenever you wish even though your free period has expired.

The Databases

So what databases are free ? The databases cover many countries, but the some of the ones of interest to Free Ancestry databases list of databasesthose with U.K. and Irish ancestry are:-

1881 Census for England, Channel islands, Isle of Man & Wales

A List of Emigrants from England to America, 1682 – 1692, 1718 – 1759

Australian Convict Transportation Registers – First Fleet, 1787-1788

Belfast, Northern Ireland, The Belfast Newsletter (Birth, Marriage and Death Notices), 1738-1925

British Postal Service Appointment Books, 1737-1969

Emigrants in Bondage, 1614-1775 Between 1614 and 1775 more than 50,000 English men, women, and children were sentenced to be deported to the American colonies

Glasgow, Scotland Crew Lists 1863 – 1901

Greta Green Marriage Registers 1794 – 1895

Ireland Lord Viscount Morpeth’s Testimonial Roll 1841

Ireland, Police Gazettes 1861 – 1893

Irish Canadian Emigration Records 1823 – 1849

London School Admission and Discharges 1840 – 1911

London Selected Poor Law Removal and Settlement Records 1698 – 1930

Perthshire, Scotland Survey of Inhabitants 1766 – 1773

Perthshire, Scotland Cess, Stent & Valuation Rolls 1650 – 1899

Scots in the USA & Canada 1825 – 1875

Scots in the West Indies 1707 – 1857

Surrey Regimental Rolls 1914 – 1947

And that is to name just a few, I had intended to list them all in this post, but the list would have just been too long !! There are lots of datasets for Australia and of course for America, but Europe is well represented as is Russia.


I am aware that some of these records are freely available on the internet, however Ancestry is the only place where they can all be Free Ancestry databases 2searched using one search form. That means if you put in an ancestors name, but don’t designate a country then all the databases will be searched and the results will come from any of the databases in the free collection which have an entry for the name you entered. However there is the ability to narrow down the search if required.

I put in one of my family names – Pottinger – and came up with 7,775 records with that name just from the free databases. I didn’t put in any country, just the name. I shall be spending a few happy hours working through these databases and seeing if any of the entries can be connected to my family tree. I have had a subscription to Ancestry almost since it began, but haven’t come across some of the overseas databases in this free categories which shows that there is always something to learn. I usually narrow down my searches by country, but can see that I must amend that in the future. remember to cast the net wide !!

You have nothing to lose by registering for an Ancestry 14 DAY FREE TRIAL, just remember to cancel your trial if you don’t wish to continue accessing all of Ancestry. You will then have a Registered Guest Account and will be able to access these free databases at any time in the future.

Happy Ancestor Hunting !

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