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Confused by terms such as WordPress, Themes and Hosting,

Confused by terms such as WordPress, Themes and Hosting?

It can be rather confusing reading about Bluehost hosting, WordPress, Themes etc.

If you haven’t come across these terms before it can all seem a bit daunting, but believe me it isn’t.

Let me explain ….

If you think of your website as a cake you want to bake, then BlueHost is the oven that makes it turn from a mixture into a cake which you can show to the world, but just turning the oven on (or in the case of your website subscribing to a hosting plan) isn’t going to do anything except heat up the inside of the oven.

WordPress is the cake tin, it is the framework on which you create your website. It keep your site together.

When you bake a cake you can choose what sort of cake you want to make, but in the case of your website instead of choosing a recipe you choose a theme. But the recipe you choose must fit the tin you have, otherwise the mixture won’t fit in the tin. Using WordPress opens up thousands of themes, but unlike a recipe book WordPress Themes don’t cost you anything unless you want a fancy theme or wish to pay someone to set your website up for you. Paying someone to set a website up for you is quite reasonably priced and if you are pressed for time or feel very unsure of being able to do everything yourself it isn’t going to cost a great deal to get it done for you.

I have a number of websites and found the one I set up using BlueHost was very easy, and you don’t have to go elsewhere to load WordPress up onto your site it is all done by the click of a button on the BlueHost site. BlueHost also have a great WordPress help section which I have used both whilst setting up and also later when I have wanted to do something, but had forgotten how! I chose a free theme to keep costs down and am very pleased with it.  BlueHost also have a range of YouTube videos which I have found helpful when I get stuck on something.

So my cake/website was made with minimum effort and very little expertise. As I said above if you do think it is all a bit too much for you there are people within the BlueHost website who will set everything up for you for a small fee.

Hope this helps.

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