Beginners Genealogy

Beginners GenealogyBeginners Genealogy – If you want to trace your family history, but don’t know how to start help is at hand ! Here is a list of blog posts that will help you to set out on your genealogy journey. Family history is great fun, fascinating and totally addictive ! It is the only way to find out who you really are and who those whose DNA runs through you were. This group of articles will help you trace your ancestors back to 1837 and get your family tree online. Once you have reached 1837, when civil registration started, and you are ready to delve back further go to the Genealogy for Intermediate Family Historian’s page.

I should point out that the main focus of MadAboutGenealogy is helping you trace your family history online. Most of us are unable to visit archives which are often situated many miles away or even in a different country. However unlike in pre-internet days where you had to write letters and wait and hope for a reply your family history can be researched from home. Many original documents have been digitized by the companies like Ancestry and FindMyPast, they are then indexed and made available by subscription. These subscriptions aren’t that expensive they are less than buying a coffee every day on your way to work! Give up your coffee habit and treat yourself to a years access to hundreds and hundreds of genealogy databases. I know which I would prefer !

Please don’t ignore all the other posts on MadAboutGenealogy dive in and read them all, below is just a suggested list of those articles that beginner genealogists might find particularly helpful.

There are topics that I have, as yet, to write blog posts on, these are in the pipeline and will be added to this list of suggestions as soon as they go online. If you have any topics you would like covered please don’t hesitate to contact me in the comment box.

It is my privilege to help you, as I have help so many, get to know your ancestors. As the tv programme says “Who Do You Think You Are?” Let’s find out together……

5 Steps to Starting Your Family History

Can I Research My Family History Online?

My Genealogy Bookcase

Civil Registration – Birth, Marriage & Death Indexes & Certificates

General Register Office Birth and Death Index and Certificates Online

More About – Birth, Marriage & Death Indexes & Certificates

Getting Started With FamilySearch

FamilySearch – Using the Search Facility

Census 1841 – 1911

Other Census – 1921, 1931 & 1939 Register

1939 – An Important 20th Century Record

Top 5 Free Genealogy Websites

5 Top Tips for Searching Genealogy Records Online

5 Easy Steps for genealogy research – keeping your research on track

Free Genealogy Books Online

Maps and Genealogy

Deceased Online

Where Do I Start With Irish Genealogy?

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