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Discovering ANZACS – WW1 Army Records

Discovering ANZACS – WW1 Army Records

Anzac RecordsHave been trying to find descendants of an ancestor who emigrated to Australia or New Zealand? Over the years many of our ancestral family members headed for pastures new, some to America, some to Europe and quite a large number to the colonies. Australia and New Zealand have always been particular favourites, but of course the early British settlers may well have been sent to Australia as convicts rather than been attracted by sunshine and adventure! Whatever the circumstances of the original family members arrival if the family stayed then they may well have had descendants who served in WW1. Just in case you are unaware the letters ANZAC stand for Australia New Zealand Army Corp.

Australian WW1 Army Records

ANZAC RecordsIf you are looking for Australian or New Zealand servicemen and servicewomen ancestors then you will be very pleased to know that the National Archives of Australia have made available the ANZAC WWI records online. There is no charge for this service and you can download and then print off the entire records of any serviceman in the data-set. I’m told that there are links back to the UK for soldiers who arrived from the UK prior to 1914.

The website offers plenty to interest genealogists. There are videos explaining what can be found in the records, the opportunity to add to individual profiles, browse an image gallery and you can explore topics and events.

How To Search ANZAC Records

Anzac RecordsI recommend using the Advanced Search and as this allows you to narrow the search down by not only name, but also birthplace, place of enlistment, service number etc. Once an entry is found you click on the view button and you can see the original file which may contain photographs. This is all very easy to do.


This is an excellent website, the Australia National Archives obviously take the needs of family historian seriously and this database is a joy to use. Highly recommended.

Discovering ANZACS – Australian WW1 Army Records

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