Ancestry DNA test tube has arrived!

Ancestry DNA Kit Has Arrived!

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My Ancestry DNA kit has arrived ! As my previous post mentioned I was asked what I would like for my birthday and I opted for a Ancestry DNA test kit and having made the decision I, of course, wanted the kit and the results immediately! I have dithered about getting an Ancestry DNA test done ever since they appeared on the genealogy horizon, initially it was the high cost that put me off and in the early days I wasn’t convinced that it would be any use to my genealogy. However these days with millions on the Ancestry database with which to compare results I can see that it gives the opportunity to make contact with fellow researchers in a meaningful way. Plus of course the price had reduced considerably and comes within birthday present budget.

What was in the kit and what did I have to do?

A neat little box arrived in the post and contained the test tube, a preservative vial, plastic envelope and a box with return post paid. There was also an instruction booklet. I had watched a couple of Ancestry webinars of what you had to do, but even without those it is simple enough.

  • Don’t eat or drink 30 minutes before providing the sample.
  • Register the code on the tube online at Ancestry and link it up to your online family tree (I took a photo on my phone so that I had a copy of the code if I ever wanted it in the future)
  • Spit into the test tube up to the mark on the test tube. (This sounds easy enough because it doesn’t look a lot, but spit – I found- is quite bubbly and you have to have liquid not bubbles up to the line ! Anyway mission was accomplished)
  • The vial that contains the preservative screws into the top of the test tube and you can see that it is water tight because the blue preservative releases and mixes in with the sample when you shake it for 5 seconds.
  • Place the test tube into the provided plastic bag, pop it into the provided box, seal and post.

And then you wait for the emailed results which can take anywhere between 8 – 10 weeks, but I did hear that someone got their results back in just 2 weeks.

 How the results are linked to your family tree

Only one Ancestry family tree can be linked to the DNA results. Many years ago when I first started to put my genealogy onto Ancestry I create one tree for each grandparent thinking this would be easier to handle and also there were rumours running round that the Ancestry trees had a limit on how many ancestors could go onto a single tree. These rumours proved to be totally false, but by then I had created the trees and inputted a large number of ancestors.

So what tree to choose to link the DNA to? After some thought I made the time consuming decision to spend hours saving all the ancestors onto one main tree and link that tree to the DNA. This is a tedious job, but I think it will pay off in the future as I anticipate that I will be sent more and more  links in the years to come as more people have their DNA done. You can only save one family (parents, siblings, spouses and children) at a time so it will take hours to do, but an upside is that it is making me revisit my research which is always a good thing to do.

So that is where I have got to so far. I am waiting impatiently now to see if what I expect the results to contain – British, Irish, Italian, perhaps some Indian continent – is what I get!  I’ll let you know when the results are in……….

If you are interested in taking and Ancestry DNA test – Click here for more information.


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2 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA test tube has arrived!

  1. You will find that you need ALL of your tree. Your 3rd and beyond cousins won’t necessarily match until farther down the list than you might think. I’ve had to add lots of “cousins” to my tree because I didn’t have their parents, grandparents, great grandparents in my tree and most people don’t make their tree out past 4 generations so it’s very difficult to find the matches. If their great grandparent was a sibling of your great grand parent it won’t show up for one more generation. Just keep your whole tree. People who are trying to find their match will look at everything you have. You will have people who expect their DNA match to produce a tree for them. And you will have people who are working hard on an accurate tree.

    The software will do that selective tree for you. And/or you can split your tree with the software. Actually, if you have a tree at ancestry already you can make a new one and use the “Add this person to my tree” button. Or you can copy your existing tree and delete people from it.

    1. Hi Toni, I totally agree with you, you need to have all your research on one Ancestry tree and then have that one tree connected to your DNA results. Naturally the more people you have researched and have on your tree then the better the connection on the DNA results. I am surprised how quickly I am able to transfer ancestors onto one tree, I am transferring them over family by family and then I am checking all the information for each person. Doing this has a great upside in the fact that I am checking each ancestor, some of the research was done many years ago in fact in pre internet days and I am able to add new records to those people. I am having great success with my Ancestry DNA, it is true that some people haven’t responded to my emails and don’t have a tree attached, but I like to think that is their loss! Ancestry sold 2 million DNA kits over Black Friday/Cyber Monday so that will mean a huge boost in the DNA database in the new year -I am ever hopeful that a few of my longstanding brick walls will start to tumble in 2018! Hope you have as much success as I have had so far and it has only been a few short weeks since my results came back. Best wishes, Linda

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