Ancestry DNA Results Have Arrived What Did They Reveal?

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Ancestry DNA Results Have Arrived – What Did They Reveal?

How Did The Ancestry DNA Results Arrive?

My Ancestry DNA results have arrived – what did they reveal? Well I certainly didn’t expect that – my Ancestry DNA results have arrived and I am thrilled with the Ancestry DNA Results Arriveinformation.  It is only 2 weeks since I send off the test ube and Ancestry do say that it can take 8 – 10 weeks for the sample to be analysed and the results sent out to you. I expect after Christmas it might well take that long because of all the kits being given as Christmas presents. Quite a few of my readers have ordered them I know. The results come in the form of an email and you click on the “Explore your DNA results” green button and that takes you to your online results.

Ancestry DNA Results ArriveThe first page gives you three options, but I am sure everyone goes for Ethnicity Estimate first, I certainly did. You may remember in my original post “Should You, Would You, Could You?” that I made a prediction about what the results might be.

I said I was expecting the graph to show mainly British, with some Italian (thanks to 9th great grandmother Mary Champanti, daughter of an Italian merchant living in London) and some Irish (thanks to 3rd great grandmother Eleanor Kennedy, who only ever admitted in the census as being from Ireland, but never where in Ireland!), if the family story about gypsy heritage is true I expected to find a connection to Indian continent. They might be a smattering of Scandinavian because of invasions going back centuries, but really I think I will be mainly British.

Isn’t it awful when someone is smug because they are right ? – well I will try really hard not to be smug, but I wasn’t too far out!

What Are The Ancestry DNA Results?

The Ancestry DNA Results are

  • 73% Great Britain with a large proportion being from Ancestry DNA Results ArriveSouthern England – that works in with the Hampshire, Berkshire, London families. The rest of the family tree branches are from Norfolk and Derbyshire.
  • 22% Western Europe which includes Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein. I had expected Italy because of my Champanti family, but apart from finding a London document where it says they are from Lucca, Italy I haven’t undertaken any Italian research on them. So I am happy with Western Europe as the Champanti branch may well have members who come from France, Switzerland and Austria which border Italy.
  • 2% Ireland/Scotland/Wales I think this is from my 3rd great grandmother Eleanor Kennedy.  It would be really nice if I can make contact with a fellow researcher who can help me with just where in Ireland she came from.
  • 1% Iberian Peninsula that is Spain and Portugal.
  • 1% Europe South which is Italy and Greece. Definitely the Champanti’s.
  • 1% Asia Central which is Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan. Now I have read somewhere that true Romany’s come originally from this area including India. So does this make the family legend likely to be true that we have some Romany ancestry? I don’t know. My grandfather had close Romany friends and I was told as a child by one of our Romany visitors that I was “one of theirs”. I should join the Romany & Traveller Family History Society and see if they can point me in the right direction for research.

Did I Have Any Matches With Fellow DNA Takers?

Ancestry DNA Results ArriveHaving recovered from all that excitement you can click on “View All DNA Matches” green button and discover if you have any fellow researchers sharing the same DNA. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts when I started to put my family history on Ancestry I split them into 4 trees – one for each grandparent – it seemed a good idea at the time, but since then I wish I hadn’t done that. I am now going through the process of blending all four trees into one. As you can only do one person with their parents, siblings, spouse and children at a time it is rather time consuming. Plus only the basic information comes across not images, attachments or extra information typed in. However it may turn out to be a good thing as it is making me go over my genealogy again and double check everything and as some research was done many years ago that’s no bad thing. In fact Thomas MacEntee, a highly respected American genealogist and author of website High Definition Genealogy has done the same thing. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Thomas, but know others who have, and they tell me he never does things by half – he ditched his genealogy completely and started totally again. I’m not so brave! Thomas has written a book about starting over and reviewing your family history with fresh eyes. “The Genealogy Do-Over Workbook” – it is on my Christmas Wish List.

As my blending of my four trees is still in it’s infancy, I didn’t expect many links to fellow researchers. However I was pleased to see a third cousin link which was logged as an extremely high likelihood of us being related. As you can imagine I soon shot off an email to him, the researcher doesn’t have any Ancestry tree online so I could have a look and see where the possible connection is. Below the 3rd cousin was a list of 97 4th – 6th cousins and then a list of in excess (I got fed up counting!) of 500 5th – 8th cousins. As with the Ancestry trees you contact others using Ancestry secure email system so you don’t have to reveal your personal email address unless you wish to. You can also filter the results by

  • Hints
  • New contacts
  • Region

You also mark entries using a star system so you remember which people you wish to contact so you trawl through the results.

Once I am working with other genealogist we can form DNA Circles which I think may be the DNA Communities that Ancestry talks about in one of their webinars. I’ll have to go back and check.


Am I pleased with the Ancestry DNA Results? – Yes, very pleased. I did a lot of research before opting for Ancestry DNA, I liked that I could link to my online tree and their analysis seemed to be wider than some other providers plus their database of other DNA testers was the biggest.

Did I have any surprises? – Not in the results, but in the number of possible cousins.

Do I think it was good value for money? – Yes I do as when I add more people to the tree I have linked to my DNA results I will get more possible cousin contacts, so it is ongoing.

Can I recommend it? – Yes definitely. It was easy, quick and I can see how valuable it will become in the future as more and more people get their DNA taken. It would be great if some of my readers are amongst my Ancestry Cousins!

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