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9 Mar 2018 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

9 Mar 2018 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates. Let’s look at what new goodies have come our way this week.

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Ancestry – 9 Mar 2018 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

AncestryDNA UK2 Mar 2018 - New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

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If you wonder if DNA will be helpful to your genealogy then read about my DNA journey (links below). I was a bit skeptical, but am now very happy with the great contacts I have made with people I didn’t even know existed before!

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Ancestry DNA Results Have Arrived – What Did They Reveal? 

I would like to be showing you a long list of new British records and updates from Ancestry, but I can’t as they haven’t added anything this past week. Mind you perhaps that is a good thing as if you are like me you are still going through all the super London records that were added to last week.

USA Readers – Click Here to access a 14 day free trial of Ancestry don’t miss this great opportunity!

UK Readers – Click Here to access a 14 days free trial of Ancestry don’t miss this great opportunity!

FindMyPast – 9 Mar 2018 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates9 Mar 2018 - New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

Ireland Civil Birth and Marriage Registers Indexes

These are transcripts of the records held by I’m not sure why FindMyPast would do this as the IrishGenealogy website is available free online. The IrishGenealogy website offers an index as well as the original records not a transcript. Anyway these indexes are on FindMyPast, but I strongly suggest you use the Irishgenealogy website where there are also death records as well as the birth and marriage records. I have written about the website – Click Here to access that post and Click Here to access

9 Mar 2018 - New Genealogy Record Releases & UpdatesWales, Monmouthshire Electoral Registers 1832-1889

Another 43,000 records for Monmouthshire have been added to the Electoral Registers Collection. The update is for the time period 1832 – 1849 and is made up of images of  the registers.

You can expect to find the following information:-

  • Name
  • Address
  • Type of property
  • Register year
  • District
  • Constituency

Note – When you access these registers you will be shown them in a small screen, click on the blue “download document” button above the image and it will transfer the document onto another page which is much bigger. The small screen can be quite hard to read.

USA Readers – Click Here to access a 14 days free trial of FindMyPast don’t miss this great opportunity!

UK Readers – Click Here to access a 14 day free trial of FindMyPast don’t miss this great opportunity!

British Newspaper Archives – 9 Mar 2018 - New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates 9 Mar 2018 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

Here are the latest updates and additions

New Titles

  • Mothers’ Companion
  • Common Cause
  • Woman’s Signal
  • Women’s Franchise
  • Suffragist
  • Women’s Suffrage


  • Oxford Times
  • Donegal Independent
  • South London Chronicle
  • Lincolnshire Echo
  • Coventry Evening Telegraph
  • Globe
  • Newcastle Evening Chronicle
  • Southern Echo
  • North & South Shields Gazette and Northumberland and Durham Advertiser
  • Daily Herald

Did You Know That You Can Try Before You Buy With The British Newspaper Archives ? Click Here For Free Access 

Also are you aware that if you subscribe to FindMyPast’s Pro Subscription then you also get access to the contents of the British Newspaper Archives website ? FindMyPast owns the British Newspaper Archives website so they simply point their Pro Subscribers searches to the newspaper databases. A yearly subscription to the British Newspaper Archives is £80 and a year’s subscription to FindMyPast Pro is £156. So you can see that if you want access to the newspaper archive and also genealogy databases then buying a FindMyPast Pro subscription is the way to go.

FamilySearch – 9 Mar 2018 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

9 Mar 2018 - New Genealogy Record Releases & UpdatesOldham, Lancashire, England – Cemetery Registers, 1797-2004

This collection is of cemetery registers for Hollinwood, Failsworth, Royton, Crompton, Chadderton, Lees, and Greenacres cemeteries in Oldham, Lancashire. The great news is that not only is this an index, but also digitised images of the original records which is what we all prefer. Most of the records offer the following information:-

  • Name of deceased
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Address where death occurred
  • Date of burial
  • Who performed the burial ceremony
  • Plot location
  • Parish of deceased

Note – the records are over two pages so you need to click through to the next page to get all the information.

9 Mar 2018 - New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

9 Mar 2018 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates – Summary

I suspect that the low number of new records this week is because the focus has been on RootsTech 2018, hopefully we will return to normal by next Friday.

Having said that I am working my way through a blogging course so that I can make MadAboutGenealogy a bigger and better experience for my readers. One of the assignments is to create an Editorial Calendar listing at least six months if not a years posts. As I write two topic posts plus this news post every week that is 104 topic posts and 52 news posts – a daunting thought really! I usually have a list of posts for 3 months in advance and write 4 – 6 weeks in advance so it wasn’t an alien concept, but a year! Anyway it has making me go through all the British genealogy databases that Ancestry, FindMyPast and FamilySearch hold.

What an eye-opener – so far I have just looked at FindMyPast and they have 820 databases covering England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Most of the databases hold thousands of names so I don’t think anyone can say that they looked at FindMyPast and didn’t find any ancestors or that because no new records have been added there was nothing to search ! I’ll be starting on Ancestry after I have written this post (latest update I have started work on Ancestry and they have 1,811 British databases !!).The good thing is that I’ll have no trouble filling up an Editorial Calendar for a year of topics to talk to you about and I haven’t got near FamilySearch!

If you have a family history topic or set of records you would like me to write about do let me know and I will make sure it goes high up on the list!

If you would like to access my Free Genealogy Resource Library simple fill in your details in the form below and you will get immediate free access. How good is that?!

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