Updates to this collection which is taken from The National Archives records AR 1, ASSI 52, CRIM 1, CRIM 9, DPP 1, HO 144, HO 45, HO 140, LO 3, MEPO 2, MEPO 3, PCOM 7, PCOM 8, PRO 30, T 1, T 172, TS 27, and WORK 11.

8 June 2018 - New Genealogy Record Releases & UpdatesWomen’s Suffrage Petition 1866

This petition was presented decades before women were allowed the vote so lists very early suffragettes. Note this information can be found online free at www.parliament.uk – CLICK HERE to access that site. I have written a bog post about the Parliamentary Archives and will be published 8 July.

Suffragette Newspapers Browse

New additions to existing newspaper in the British Newspaper Archive plus 14 new titles. Note that the new titles are not indexed, so you need to know an approximate date to find an account of an event.

New Titles

  • Church League for Women’s Suffrage
  • Common Cause
  • Conservative and Unionist Women’s Franchise Review
  • Free Church Suffrage Times
  • International Woman Suffrage News
  • Jus Suffragi
  • The Suffragist
  • The Vote
  • Woman’s Dreadnought
  • Woman’s Leader and the Common Cause
  • Woman’s Signal
  • Women’s Franchise
  • Women’s Suffrage
  • Women’s Suffrage Record