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2 Feb 2018 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

2 Feb 2018 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates.  Lots to tell you about this week and it’s all good – so let’s get going….

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2 Feb 2018 - New Genealogy Record Releases & UpdatesFindMyPast – 2 Feb 2018 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

Suffragette Collection 1902 – 1919

This week’s big news is the release by FindMyPast of the Suffragette Collection (I put out an extra post yesterday as I wanted you to know straight away about this amazing new release). The original records are held at The National Archives, Kew and they have been digitised and indexed. Great to have more 20th century records online as it is important to research and record the lives of our closer ancestors as well as the more distant ones. The collection includes arrest records, parliamentary papers, watch list of over 1,300 suffragettes, personal statements, reports of force-feeding, and transcripts of speeches. Remember it wasn’t just women who were suffragettes, men supported women getting the vote as well. This collection also has the facility to browse over 50 volumes of records which span from 1902 – 1919.

To mark the centenary of this historic moment in our history FindMyPast is making access to the Suffragette Collection completely free between 1st February – 8th March which is International Women’s Day. They are also giving free access to UK and Ireland Civil Registration Indexes (births, marriages, deaths) and all census until 8th February.

UK Readers – Click here to Access the Suffragette Collection (free 1 Feb – 8 Mar) plus the UK & Ireland Indexes and Census (free 1 Feb – 8 Feb)

USA Readers – Click here to Access the Suffragette Collection (free 1 Feb – 8 Mar) plus the UK & Ireland Indexes and Census (free 1 Feb – 8 Feb)

Durham, England Diocese Bishop’s Transcripts 1639-1919

Parish clergy were obliged from send a copy of their parish registers to the Bishop of the diocese in which the parish was situated. 2 Feb 2018 - New Genealogy Record Releases & UpdatesThese records comprise a valuable resource particularly if the parish registers have been damaged (mice really like to nibble on parchment!) or have not survived. I always advise my students to search the Parish Registers and the Bishops Transcripts (known as B.T’s) wherever possible as sometimes additional information is included in one or the other set of documents. The Durham B.T’s are browse only at the moment, you have to search page by page. No doubt they are being indexed and the indexes will come online sometime soon. The Durham Diocese covers area in the counties of Cumberland, Durham, Northumberland, and Yorkshire

Durham Diocese, England Calendar Of Marriage Bonds & Allegations 1594-1815 Image Browse

FindMyPast obvious have spent some time in the Durham Archives because they have also released browse copies of the Marriage Bonds and Allegations. These records can contain the vital clue for marriages that you just can’t seem to find, and don’t be fooled into thinking that only the wealthy got marriage licences – ordinary folk applied and got licences for all sorts of reasons. I have a half written blog post about marriage bonds and allegations. See my comments above for coverage.

We are hopping across the Atlantic now.

United States, Union Provost Marshal Files Of Individual Civilians, 1861-1866

American genealogy isn’t my area of expertise, I know some, but not all there is to know. However these look rather interesting records they were created during the Civil War period by the Union Provost Marshal (acted as the military police for the Union Army) and have references to  deserters, civilians suspected of disloyalty, civilian passage through military zones, and Confederate spies. The originals are held at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) under reference M345. These files are browse only.

United States, Union Provost Marshal Files, prisoners of war 1861 to 1865

Records regarding Confederate prisoners, most came from the Commissary General of Prisoners, but there are a few volumes from  he Surgeon General’s Office and others from army commands and individual prison camps. These files are browse only.

2 Feb 2018 - New Genealogy Record Releases & UpdatesUnited States, Records Of Confederate Prisoners Of War, 1861-1865

These seem to be another set of records regarding Confederate Prisoners of War. I think it would be worth checking both. The records include details such as name, rank, regiment, county and state, and where and when captured, as well as whether an individual was discharged, exchanged, or transferred. The originals are held at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) under reference M598. These files are browse only.

PERiodical Source Index

This index is generally referred to as PERSI – you will see it written about all over the genealogy world. I came to it rather later in my genealogy life as in pre-internet days it was only held in major genealogy libraries such as the Society of Genealogists, London. When I was visiting such places I always had more pressing records to look at and ignored it. Now it’s online of course it is so easy to have a look. It is a real mixture of articles from publications issued in the United States, Canada, Britain, Ireland and Australia. It’s a real lucky dip, but one worth having a look at and searching every now and again. You occasionally get a scan of the article, but generally it is a description of the article and where and when it was published. All the details are given if you want to track down a copy of the publication.

In total, 73,516 new images and 10,386 new articles have been added to the index this month. The new additions have been added to the following six titles;

  • California Historical Society Quarterly
  • Catholic Record Society Publications
  • County Louth Archaeological Society Journal
  • American Monthly Magazine
  • Herts Genealogist and Antiquary
  • The Index Library

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2 Feb 2018 - New Genealogy Record Releases & UpdatesAncestry – 2 Feb 2018 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

Ancestry have released a major collection this week which will be very welcome news for those with ancestors in Wiltshire and whose parish came under the Counts of Sarum (Salisbury).

Wiltshire, England, Wills and Probate, 1530-1858

This is a major collection and my advice would be to run your family names through this indexed database if you have ancestors living in Wiltshire, Berkshire, Dorset, Hampshire and Gloucestershire. In fact if you have ancestors in any of the southern counties of England I would look at these records! This is all due to the area within the diocese of Sarum , quite complex ecclesiastical law and the power that the Court of Sarum had to “inhibit” a number of parishes in counties other than Wiltshire. Thankfully Ancestry have written a very full account of why your ancestors in say Hampshire may have had their wills proved in Wiltshire. The explanation is long, but well worth reading and can be found below the search page. At the very bottom of their article it is noted that there is almost 2,000 items many of which are entirely unproved wills and inventories which sounds interesting, some date from 1540.

Don’t Forget that Ancestry Offers a 14 Day FREE Trial Of Their Website

USA Readers Click Here For Free Access

UK Readers Click Here For Free Access

British Newspaper Archives –  2 Feb 2018 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

Goodness they have been busy at the British Newspaper Archive this past 7 days. Here is the very long list of new additions. I particularly like the title of the magazine ” Ally Sloper’s Half Holiday” I think it must be a very jolly sort of publication!

  • Coventry Standard2 Feb 2018 - New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates
  • Londonderry Sentinel
  • Belfast Telegraph
  • Barnsley Chronicle, etc.
  • Daily Telegraph & Courier (London)
  • West Surrey Times
  • Sussex Agricultural Express
  • The Berwick Advertiser
  • Penny Illustrated Paper
  • Surrey Advertiser
  • Biggleswade Chronicle
  • Wexford Independent
  • Cumberland Pacquet, and Ware’s Whitehaven Advertiser
  • Newry Reporter
  • Royal Cornwall Gazette
  • John o’ Groat Journal
  • Hamilton Advertiser
  • Birmingham Mail
  • Motherwell Times
  • Lake’s Falmouth Packet and Cornwall Advertiser
  • Croydon Guardian and Surrey County Gazette
  • Cumberland and Westmorland Advertiser, and Penrith Literary Chronicle
  • Congleton & Macclesfield Mercury, and Cheshire General Advertiser
  • Freeman’s Journal
  • Worcester Journal
  • Nottingham Journal
  • Pearson’s Weekly
  • Evesham Journal
  • Coventry Evening Telegraph
  • Clifton Society
  • Ally Sloper’s Half Holiday
  • The Sportsman
  • Birmingham Daily Post

Please note if you subscribe to FindMyPast’s Pro Subscription then you also get access the contents of the British Newspaper Archives website ? FindMyPast owns the British Newspaper Archives website so they simply point their Pro Subscribers searches to the newspaper databases. A yearly subscription to the British Newspaper Archives is £80 and for a year’s subscription to FindMyPast Pro is £156. So you can see that if you want access to the newspaper archive and also genealogy databases then buying a FindMyPast Pro subscription is the way to go.

However if you don’t want to subscribe to FindMyPast –

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FamilySearch –  2 Feb 2018 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates2 Feb 2018 - New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

Rutland, England Parish Registers, 1538-1991

New additions to the Rutland county collection. The original records are at the Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland Record office and comprise Baptisms, 1538-1916, Banns, 1653-1931, Marriages, 1538-1931 and Burials, 1538-1991. This collection is an index only and will direct your through to FindMyPast if you wish to see an image of the original document.

If you missed out on reading my post on what FamilySearch has in store for genealogist in 2018 then Click Here!

Summary – 2 Feb 2018 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

I am really excited about Ancestry’s release of the Wiltshire wills and probate records. This is the sort of quality databases that we expect from Ancestry and which has been missing for the last few weeks. Having said that this is a major undertaking so I expect they have been busy even if we didn’t see the results for a while. The Suffragette Collection from FindMyPast is very exciting and you can read my blog post about it here. Plus it is good to see that the little county of Rutland has had some new parish register data added at FamilySearch.

Plenty to keep us all busy and amused this weekend. I hope you have a great time and find lots of new ancestors!

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