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1939 Webinar with Audrey Collins

This webinar about the 1939 Register features Audrey Collins of The National Archives, Kew, London. The webinar was made by FindMyPast who retain all rights.

With war looming the government knew that it needed to know precisely who was in the country for the purpose of enlistment into the armed services, directing into vital industries such as munitions, evacuation of children out of areas of danger and the issuing of ration books. It was recognised that a census would, most likely, not be taken in 1941 so a basis census was taken in 29th September 1939. It was named The 1939 Register. The register covered  the whole of Great Britain and also Northern Ireland. Forms were issued to every household and enumerators were tasked with collecting the forms, going over the details on the form and issuing identity cards immediately. It was a legal requirement to carry these identity cards at all times and that requirement was not abolished until 1952.

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