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19 Jan 2018 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

19 Jan 2018 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

19 Jan 2018 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates. Looks like we are all off to the Channel Isles this week and also

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FindMyPast – 19 Jan 2018 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

19 Jan 2018 - New Genealogy Record Releases & UpdatesJersey Baptisms 1540-1915

Ancestry has digitised indexed images of the original parish registers, but if you don’t have an Ancestry subscription or want to check a different set of indexing then FindMyPast’s transcripts will be welcome. Just remember to document your source as being a FindMyPast transcript and if you get a chance to look at the originals then do so. This data-set is of Church of England baptisms and gives birth date, baptism date, name, baptism place and the parent’s names.

Jersey Marriages 1542-1940

Original marriages records are as noted above, but these new set of transcripts 19 Jan 2018 - New Genealogy Record Releases & Updateswill be welcomed by FindMyPast subscribers. You can expect to find details of name and age of both parties, marriage date and place.

Jersey Burials 1541-1940

Original records are at Ancestry, but these transcripts will give you the deceased name, age and date and place of burial.

Note – All of the above records can be found on the the island wiki website for free.

Greater Manchester Baptisms 1571-1910

1.7 million baptism records from the Diocese of Manchester have been added to the Manchester Collection. These are transcripts and some scanned images. Most of these records come from parishes within Lancashire, but some will be from neighbour counties. Present day Greater Manchester is made up of parishes from Cheshire, Lancashire and the West Riding of Yorkshire. Information you can expect to find is date of baptism, name, parents name at the very least with possibly address and occupation in records after 1813.

Stonington, Connecticut,  USA Cemetery Records

Stonington Cemetery records transcripts will give you deceased name, age, death date, burial plot and occasionally other notes. This data-set, we are told, has been created from information which can be found on the Stonington Cemetery website. However I found that website not that easy to use and it also did not have information, as far as I could see, about the deceased just the plot holders. So this data-set might be much easier to use and more informative.

New Jersey, USA Birth Index 1901-1903 Image Browse

These records have not be indexed, as yet, no doubt they will be in due course. However you can browse the 2,000+ images of the New Jersey birth index for 1901 to 1903. Search for the year first and then go from there. The images come from the Reclaim The Records website which is a site that you need to look at if you have American ancestry.

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Ancestry – 19 Jan 2018 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

Ancestry has updates on the following

  • UK & Ireland Find A Grave
  • Global & Deaths at Sea Find A Grave
  • UK & Ireland Obituary Collection 2004 – 2017

I have contacted and asked if they could tell me and my readers what plans they have for new record releases for 2018. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything.

British Newspaper Archives –  19 Jan 2018 – New Genealogy Record Releases & UpdatesThe Suffragette

New additions and updates:-


  • West Middlesex Herald
  • Todmorden Advertiser and Hebden Bridge Newsletter
  • The Suffragette
  • Lloyd’s List
  • Coventry Evening Telegraph
  • West Sussex County Times
  • Kinross-shire Advertiser.
  • Clifton and Redland Free Press
  • Bristol Daily Post

19 Jan 2018 - New Genealogy Record Releases & UpdatesAre you aware that if you subscribe to FindMyPast’s Pro Subscription then you also get access the contents of the British Newspaper Archives website ? FindMyPast owns the British Newspaper Archives website so they simply point their Pro Subscribers searches to the newspaper databases. A yearly subscription to the British Newspaper Archives is £80 and for a year’s subscription to FindMyPast Pro is £156. So you can see that if you want access to the newspaper archive and also genealogy databases then buying a FindMyPast Pro subscription is the way to go.

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FamilySearch – 19 Jan 2018 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

Nothing from FamilySearch this week. Did you see my recent two posts on FamilySearch? If not then click here on the links below to read.

Getting Started With FamilySearch.

FamilySearch – Using the search facility.

The Genealogist –  19 Jan 2018 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

The Genealogist has nothing new this week.

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Summary – 19 Jan 2018 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

FindMyPast is again the best source of new material this week, even if a lot of their new data19 Jan 2018 - New Genealogy Record Releases & Updatesbases are available online elsewhere. Hopefully we will soon be back to the regular pattern of new releases from all the main genealogy websites on a weekly basis. I have to say that even with none or very little new material there is still an awful lot of databases that I need to explore.

For instance I took a close look at the London School records on Ancestry yesterday and found, much to my delight, my grandmothers two brothers. One entry in particular was very helpful as it consolidated other information I had of a move across London when my great grandmother died and my great grandfather remarried. Did you know that only the main databases such as civil registration, parish registers, census etc get “shaky green leaf” searched when you have online family trees? You won’t find other databases coming up as a green leaf hint. Plus in my experience your general searches won’t always be spread over every single database in Ancestry’s collection. You need to make the Card catalogue your friend and really drill down onto databases that might feature your ancestors, plus the card catalogue will have un-indexed databases which may just hope that vital clue. I wrote a post a while ago titled Hidden Records On Ancestry – Are You Missing A Trick? and that

I think I had better write a post explaining about the card catalogue more fully so that you don’t miss out on something vital to you family history.

Happy Ancestor Hunting !


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