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1 Dec 2017 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

1 Dec 2017 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

1 Dec 2017 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

Christmas is coming up fast now and I hope you all survived the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. I know that lots of the MadAboutGenealogy readers bought Ancestry DNA Kits. Do share the results with us all, it will be fascinating to know where we thought we came from and what our DNA tells us. Comments can be left at the bottom of each post. If you missed out on the Black Friday Ancestry DNA Sale fear not – Ancestry have another offer on until 16th December – see below.

1 Dec 2017 - New Genealogy Record Releases & UpdatesAncestry DNA Kit

Ancestry’s Christmas Deal on the Ancestry DNA Kit is a reduction of £8. The kits are on sale until 16th December 2017 for £71 + postage. I was really pleased and continue to be very happy with my DNA results and the extra information they are bring forth about my family history. See below for links to my previous posts. CLICK HERE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS SPECIAL UK OFFER. Only until 16 December 2017. 

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 Now onto 1 Dec 2017 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates.

This blog contains affiliate links. For more info see the end of this post.

FindMyPast -1 Dec 2017 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

FindMyPast has a mix of Yorkshire and USA records this week.

1 Dec 2017 - New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

Yorkshire Memorial Inscriptions

Another 13,000 records have been added to the Yorkshire Memorial Inscription Collection. This time the data comes from the Rotherham Family History Society. The new records are a mix of images and transcripts, but all contain the inscriptions. The entries that have an image have a camera symbol next to them and the transcripts have a page symbol.

Yorkshire Burials

New additions to the Yorkshire Burials Collection, so if you have ancestors who might have been buried in the Methodist burial ground at Brunswick Chapel, South Street and Carver Street in Sheffield then you need to take a look at these new entries. Remember that families from quite a distance might have chosen a plot here because it was a Methodist burial ground.

Massachusetts, Boston Crew Lists, 1917-19431 Dec 2017 - New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

Just because this is a USA based set of records don’t dismiss them as not relevant to your UK based family. This is a new collection of records about people who worked aboard a ship arriving into Boston. The example shown here is of a crew that were almost all British and the ship sailed from London & Liverpool. Worth a look for sea-faring ancestors. Good images of the original documents as well as transcripts. You will need a Worldwide subscription to access these records, but at only 33 pence a day I think it is a bargain! The records come from the American National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

Massachusetts Deaths, 1969-2010

The Massachusetts Collection is having a good week of additions, this time some quite recent death record transcriptions.

United States Marriages

The USA Marriage database has grown by another 30,000+ new records from the states of Kentucky, Maryland and South Carolina. This release also sees the addition of a brand new county to the collection – Somerset County, Maryland. Must look for my Pottinger and Mulcock family ……

United States Obituary Notices

Six million records from the website (have you ever heard of it ? no I haven’t either!) I had a look and found two entries that might fit in with my Mulcock family which was good.

Don’t Forget that Find My Past Offers a 14 Day FREE Trial Of Their Website.

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Ancestry – 1 Dec 2017 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

Ancestry haven’t released any new records and there are no updates either. There has been nothing new from since 8 November. I am not the only blogger who keep an eye on new releases. Well known and greatly respected USA based genealogist Randy Seaver also noted that new records had been thin on the ground from Ancestry lately and he emailed them to ask why. This is their reply “From mid-November until early January, Ancestry receives an extremely high volume of traffic to the site.  To ensure our users have the best experience possible, we limit changes made to the site during this period including new content. Content is still in production and will be added occasionally until we return to a regular release schedule in early January.” See Randy’s full post on the subject here. Thanks Randy for digging deep to solve this mystery.

I’m not sure it is a good enough reason, but better than Ancestry coming to a grinding halt – now that would cause me concern! I look forward to getting lots of new releases in the new year to make up.

British Newspaper Archives – 1 Dec 2017 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

New additions and updates:-

  • Hampshire Telegraph
  • Wisbech Standard
  • Windsor & Eton Express
  • Hunts Post
  • Jedburgh Gazette
  • The Atlas
  • Owestry Advertiser
  • Pall Mall Gazette
  • Goole Times
  • Isle of Wight County Press & South of England Reporter
  • Irish News & Belfast Morning News
  • John Bull
  • Yarmouth Independent

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FamilySearch – 1 Dec 2017 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

Nothing new from FamilySearch this week, but I do have a two posts on using Family Search scheduled for this month. I am taking you through the website step by step as there is a lot to learn and use on FamilySearch and it’s easy to miss out on a vital part of this great genealogical resource.

The Genealogist – 1 Dec 2017 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

Nothing new from The Genealogist this week, but don’t forget the great news from last week of the release of the first part of a less well known 20th century record set.  The 1910 Lloyd George Domesday Records with annotated maps. This set of documents comprises data and maps will allow researchers discover where their ancestors lived in 1910. The maps are to an extraordinary large scale of 5 feet to the mile, as you can imagine they are very detailed and will allow you to precisely locate your ancestor’s house. So much of our cities and towns have been subjected to bomb damage during WW2 and re-development in the later years that it is hard to find where our ancestors lived.

They offer a 14 day free trial as do the other companies and I recommend you use that offer.

They have a 3 tier subscription arrangement. Starter, Gold & Diamond. The Starter has the basic collection and I feel you would soon grow out of it and want what the other two collections offer. The Gold subscription would take you through the intermediate level of genealogy and of course the Diamond subs allows you access to everything. The prices for the subscriptions range from £54.95 for the Starter to £119.45 for the Diamond.  It looks like, but I have been unable to confirm that the 1910 records can only be accessed via the Diamond subscription. They are offering at the moment a 4 month subscription at £39.95, details are half way down the front page on the right hand side. Click here for more details and access to their 14 day free trial.

Summary – 1 Dec 2017 – New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates1 Dec 2017 - New Genealogy Record Releases & Updates

So this week we have another opportunity to grab a bargain Ancestry DNA kit (good Christmas presents!), some Yorkshire records, Seafarers documents, USA records and quite a few newspapers to look at. If none of this works in with your family tree all these companies have plenty of other records to keep you busy. I’m working on my Mulcock family who lived in Berkshire, but some decided that America might be the place for them and took the trek over to Utah. You never know where your ancestors are going to lead you – that’s half the fun and the challenge!

Happy Ancestor Hunting !

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links on the pages on this website, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used. This is in compliance with the US Federal Trade Commission’s disclosure requirements and is inserted for readers who reside in the United States of America.

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