Wolverhampton Archives have a new home


imageThe Wolverhampton Archives is now settled into it’s new home in the Molineux Hotel Building. The website has sets of pages for family history and local history plus an online catalogue.



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  1. Brett Archer says:

    Dear Sir, Madame,
    Would you possibly know of a way or means to Obtain Information, this Benton Family.
    Hence my Archer connection to the Family. Joseph Benton born 1842 69 [1911 census]Living at 727 Parkfield rd Wolverhampton Gun Action Maker born Darlaston, Staffordshire married Caroline Benton nee [Archer]born abt 1854] 57years in [1911 census]Living at 727 Parkfield rd Wolverhampton born in Birmingham Warwicks England

    Caroline Benton daughter born 1888 23 years old [1911 census]Telephone Operator born Birm Warwicks 134 Fentham Rd Handsworth.
    Maybel Benton daughter born 1890 21 [1911 census]Music Teacher 134 Fentham Rd Handsworth.
    Herbert Benton son 1893 18 [1911 census]Electrical Fitter
    Born Aston Warwicks 134 Fentham Rd Handsworth.
    It seems Caroline and Joseph were living with John Chadwick Household 727 Parkfield Rd Wolverhampton children were visiting, it seems. Any information on location of this Family will enable me to contact living relatives,
    Thank You Sincerely Brett Archer p.o.box 4262 Vincent Queensland Australia. mob 0407656228 [email protected]

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