White Gloves & Archives

White Gloves GenealogyWhenever someone on the TV programme Who Do You Think You Are? handles a document without wearing white gloves the social media runs hot with complaints from those who think they have been causing damage to the fragile paper or parchment. When I started in genealogy the only time you would wear gloves when handles archives was when they were so filthy dirty that you wanted to protect your skin from several hundred years of dust and mouse droppings! White glove wearing was un-heard of, then a few years ago it suddenly was decided the oil from skin was causing damage to documents and white gloves became the norm.

Now the pendulum has swung the other way and National Archives, London has written an article declaring that white gloves are causing more harm than good and will no longer be issued to those handling old manuscripts.

So if you have shares in a archival white glove manufacturer it might be a good time to sell them !


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