Hertfordshire Memories


What a great website for those, like me, with Hertfordshire ancestors. Lots of different categories; people, work, towns, villages, diaries & letters and lots of photos too.



South West Image Bank

clip_image002This website will be useful for those with ancestors in the South West of England. As the name suggests the archive is of images of this part of England. I suspect that most genealogists will head for the Galleries where you can chose from Local Photographers, Local Business, Topical or Quick Links. I chose “Local Photographers” where you can chose from either William Gilhen or Gordon Sparks and then from a county or “other” section and then work your way through the images available for viewing online. Once you have found something of interest then it is possible to purchase a copy. A postcard size copy is £1.50 plus postage.


Aborfield, Berkshire Local History

ArborfieldAn website which will be of interest to all those with ancestors from the Aborfield area of Berkshire. It has a parish history timeline, a page about the families who have lived in the village for generations, information about properties in the village, memories of the village by long time residents and much more. Always good to find a website specialising in “your” village.



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PRONI launches a YouTube channel

clip_image002It’s all happening at once, first I learn about The Family History Show vodcast (see previous posting) and then I hear that the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) are launching a YouTube channel.

The channel is offering a series of lectures which are being presented in conjunction with the Open University Ireland. The first lecture is entitled “What is Irish Local History?” and the second is “Poverty”.

Sounds interesting and having them on You Tube is great for us who can’t get to PRONI to hear the original talks. Dr Janice Holmes has started a blog to accompany the lecture series.

The sound is a little tinny, but hey nothing to complain about when we have the luxury of top speakers talking to us in the comfort of our own homes!!




Fire Insurance

When I lived in Fair Oak in Hampshire one of the old houses had a Fire Mark over the door in the shape of a sun. In the 18th century this was to show that the owners of the house had insured with the Sun Fire Office. I think the idea was that if it caught fire the company’s private fire brigade would arrive and put the fire out. I assume that if there wasn’t a Fire Mark for that particular company on the building they watched it burn!!

Anyway there is an index to some of these insurance policies online. You need to go to the advanced Search on A2A at The National Archives website
and select the Guildhall Library from the repository list and then enter a “name” and/or “address” and the word “insured” into the all these words field.

I put in Pottinger insured and got 6 hits. One of which was this

Insured: William Pottinger, 27 Queen Street, Cheapside, tailor and draper. Other property or occupiers: Parish of Great Pornder, Essex (Law and others); Parish of Bloxham, Oxon (baker)

So enough to give you some idea if this applies to one of your ancestors.

There is a good leaflet about these records at

and an excellent article in the October 2011 edition of Your Family History magazine.

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