Warwickshire Online Databases

Whilst we are on the subject of Warwickshire …….. the Warwickshire Record Office has a range of online databases which would be very helpful to those with Warwickshire family.

Victuallers Database
The Victuallers database is a database containing details of licensed victuallers in Warwickshire from 1801-1828. The information has been taken from the series of registers of calendars of Victuallers’ Recognizances held by the County Record Office.

Tithe Apportionments Database
Tithe Apportionments database contains information from the Warwickshire tithe apportionments, produced after the Tithe Commutation Act of 1836. Not all our parishes have apportionments, but those that have now appear on this website and the data entry is complete.

Calendar of Prisoners
The Calendars of Prisoners database is an index to the ‘Calendars of Prisoners’ or lists of those held in the County Prisons (in Warwick, Birmingham and Coventry) for trial at the Courts of Assize and the Quarter Sessions courts held in Warwick between 1800 and 1900.

Windows on Warwickshire
Windows on Warwickshire is a searchable database of images of historic photographs and other items held at Warwickshire museums, archives and libraries, as well as Compton Verney Art Gallery and Warwick Castle.


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Historic Bristol Maps Online

clip_image002This website offers access to historic maps, images & links for the city of Bristol. There is a good guide to using the site and what you can expect to find. Even though I don’t have any Bristol family I had great fun playing with this website !!




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Macclesfield Residents


Great website if you have family living in Macclesfield in the 17th century. The intro on the site says ……

clip_image002This website has been created for family and local historians who are interested in tracing their ancestors amongst the inhabitants of the Manor and Forest of Macclesfield around 1611. The Survey was, in broad terms, the first census-type survey made in the district, and is invaluable to researchers who have not been able go back to this period in history and beyond.

This website lists all those freeholders, copyholders and tenants living in the area at the time of the Survey, which was commissioned by Prince Henry, the Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall and Earl of Chester, and made by 23 persons of standing in the local community.

700 persons are listed in the Name Index, which has been transcribed from a large book (reference LR 2/200) held at The National Archives, Kew, London. There is also a House Name Index containing 64 house names; and an index of Extracts from Escheators Books showing 37 entries that relate to periods much earlier than 1611, the earliest of which is 1362 – 1363. All these indexes are free-to-access.


London Land Tax Records


clip_image002Ancestry.co.uk has recently published the London Land Tax Valuations for 1910. The records were compiled as part of what became known as the Domesday Survey, the government at the time wanted to re-distribute wealth  through the assessment of land values. Nice idea, but obviously didn’t work that well!!!

Want to have a look, but not an Ancestry subscriber? Then click here for a free 14 day trial.


Cheshire Tithe Maps Online


Cheshire Tithe MapsAll the Cheshire Tithe Maps & Apportionments are now available online. The Cheshire Record Office website states…..

Almost 500 Cheshire tithe maps are now available online. Together with the information recorded in tithe apportionments, they are a unique record of land ownership, occupancy and use in Cheshire 150 years ago.

You can use them to answer questions such as:

  • Where did your ancestors live?
  • Who lived in your village or even your house?
  • What was land in your area used for?
  • Who owned land in your area?

You can also compare the tithe maps with later Ordnance Survey maps and aerial photographs. 


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