What is RootsTech Genealogy Conference 2013

Since putting up the post about the hotel discount for RootsTech Genealogy Conference 2013 I have been asked “What is RootsTech?”

RootsTech – What?

RootsTech is a relatively new genealogy conference, butRootsTech 2013 Genealogy is unique as it brings together the developers and users of genealogical technology together in one place. Computer technology and family history are made for each other and this conference gives genealogists a glimpse into what the techies have in store for them. It also allows the technology developers and the big data providers to meet the people who they are targeting. Both parties can ask questions of each other and exchange ideas on what family historians want and what technology can deliver

The conference runs over 3 days and there are lectures, workshops, Exhibition Hall, demonstrations and speaker lunches. The programme for 2013 isn’t yet published as the call for presentations only closed on 30 June, but it is bound to be good.

RootsTech – When?

The dates for RootsTech 2013 are 21 – 23 March, so 3 full days packed with plenty for all levels of family history expertise.

RootsTech – Where?

RootsTech is held at the Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, Utah. The Convention Center is just around the corner from the Family History Library and only a hop and a skip away from the beautiful gardens of Temple Square. The center itself is a modern facility and is ideal for such large events as RootsTech 2013.

RootsTech – Is It For You?

Is RootTech for you will be a question that will be on the minds of many genealogists. To give you a taste of what is on offer the organisers have put online a number of the 2012 presentations. I would suggest you start with the keynote lecture which started off the conference,” Inventing the Future, As a Community” by Jay Verkler and then dip into which ever subject appeals. There are also a series of presentations given by FamilySearch at RootsTech 2012. I am sure once you have had a taster you will be booking your flights and hotel room.

As more information becomes available I will be posting it online so watch this space as they say ……


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