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Forces War Records

Just received a press release from Dominic Hayhoe of Forces War Records about the launch of a their new digital library of historic documents, books, newspapers and magazines, some more than a hundred years old.

Dominic Hayhoe from Forces War Records said “Whilst we’ve been adding records as fast as we can to the main site, we’ve collated a huge amount of books, newspapers and magazines that although they don’t have name records in, are invaluable for research purposes with details about regiments, battles, medals, individual daring escapades and general interest stories.

Some of these magazines alone are almost a hundred clip_image002years old and not only did we feel our members would love to read them, but that they were also a national treasure that shouldn’t be lost. Now we have digitised them, they will be available for ever more”.

He went on to say “In addition, as ever, we haven’t just added these to our site, but we have also automatically crossed matched them with all our other data, so if you perform a search for a relative on the site who say served in The Royal Tank Regiment, our system will automatically look to see if we have any articles related to the regiment your ancestor served in as well.”

Royal Air Force Nominal Roll

Royal Air Force Nominal Roll

FindMyPast has just released another dataset in their military series. This time it is Royal Air Force Nominal Roll for 1 April 1918. This date was the establishment of the Royal Air Force so recorded on the roll are all the servicemen who part of the very start of the RAF. These records will add to the family history of those with ancestors in the Senior Service.

The collection has records for 181,000+ men and you will be able to find the following information from the roll.

  • Job in the RAF (trade classification)
  • Rank
  • Date and terms of enlistment
  • Rate of pay

Some records may have additional information. The first members of the RAF were originally from the either the Royal Flying Corps or the Royal Naval Air Service as these two organisations were merged to form the RAF.