Royal Naval Museum


   The Royal Naval Museum in Portsmouth has an archive of documents and photographs available for inspection by researchers. Their website has an online catalogue so that anyone wishing to visit can notify them of which records they want to access. Some items are available on demand at the search rooms whilst others are by appointment only.  Therefore do your homework before you visit, good advice wherever you go to research.

The Museum’s mission is ‘to make accessible to all the story of the Royal Navy and its people from earliest times to the present’ so you can be assured of a warm welcome.

The website is well worth spending time exploring as there is some great information in the various areas.


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Merseyside Maritime Museum



    Merseyside Maritime Museum has a range of guides about various aspects of maritime history which would be of great help to those tracing seagoing ancestors. They are free to download.

This website is worth exploring fully as it has much background information to offer the family historian.


World War Two Merchant Shipping Movement Cards now online


   In 1939 the Admiralty issued an instruction to the Board of Trade stating that masters of merchant vessels were not to enter destinations or ports of call on the ships’ logs or the crew lists and agreements, for reasons of security. However, it was still important to know and record the movements of merchant vessels and to this end the series of cards within BT 389 was commenced by the Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen.

These records are now online and available for searching. No passenger or crews names are on these cards, but would add to the history of any ancestors who were on these vessels.


Royal Marine Service Records now online



   110,000+ Royal Marine Service Records 1842 – 1936 are now available online at The National Archives web site. You no longer need to know the division the Marine was in as this data set can be search by surname, forename, register number or enrolment date.