Prison Ship Records 1811 – 1843 now online

Prison Ship Records 1811 – 1843 now online

Prison Ship records now online has added to their collection 8,900 records of prisoners who were held on hulks or prison ships. Those with ancestors unfortunate enough to be imprisoned on these hulks will find these records will add to their family history considerably.

Hulk is the term used for ships that were used by the British government to house prisoners, often those who were awaiting transportation to the penal colonies as part of their sentence. As can be imagined the mortality rate for those held on these ships was high, disease was rife as was violence between the guards and the prisoners and between the prisoners themselves.

The time period covered by these records is 1811 – 1843, a time when there was much unrest in England because of the invention of agricultural machinery which meant that many farm workers were unemployed. This transcript collection has been provided to FindMyPast by Barbara Chambers who is sister to Jill Chambers the acknowledged expert on the Swing Riots. A link to Jill’s website is in the links below.

The records are for the following hulks; Bellerophon, Euryalus, Hardy and Antelope, there are also a few records from Parkhurst Prison.

Wikipedia has a good article about prison hulks which you may find useful if you haven’t come across the term before. They also have an article in which there is a list of British prison ships which could be very useful if you have ancestors who worked on these ships as well as if you have ancestors who were the poor souls imprisoned on them. Links to these websites is below.

Below is an example of an entry for John Taylor.

First name(s) John
Last Name Taylor
Hulk Bellerophon
Recieved From Justitia Hulk Woolwich 19 February 1823
Age 14
Status Boy
Offence Felony
Where And When Convicted Durham 27 February 1822
Sentence 7 years
When Mitigated
How & When Disposed Of
Married Or Single
Read Or Write
Character From Gaoler A notorious bad character





Royal Household Records

Royal Household RecordsI posted about this record set just a few days ago and now they are online – gosh things move fast in the family history world !!

This collection offers a real insight to life in the Royal Household, just the thing for the Jubilee Weekend. It is not just those high up on the royal servant pecking order that get mentioned so this dataset is worth searching even if you feel your ancestor never got further than scrubbing the royal kitchen floor!

Personally I am hoping to find a Keeper of the Lions in the Tower ancestor or perhaps a Royal Molecatcher or two !!

Enjoy Smile

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Royal Household Records to go online

If you think you have an ancestor who worked for the Royal family then here is some good news for !! An agreement has been reached between FindMyPast and the Royal Archives to scan and place online on the FindMyPast website documents that will help trace the employment history of the Royal employees.

The records range from the 17th century to 1920. Something to look forward to!!

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Red Cross Nursing Awards

Findmypast has just put a new dataset online. It is another of Sue Light’s indexes regarding the nursing profession. The Red Cross Nursing Awards were given to some 8,969 people, both men and women for “special exertions in providing for the nursing, or for attending to, sick and wounded soldiers and sailors”. These records span the period 1883 to 1994.

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Crew List Index Project

Came across this on my travels around the internet CLIP which stands for Crew List Index Project concerns itself with merchant seafarers on British registered ships for the years 1861 to 1913.

This site provides guidance and finding aids to help you carry out your own research. The index itself is on FindMyPast, but this site might be a good place to start as it explains what crew list are and what you might find on them. Where the originals are held and finding aids are also included.

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