Met Police Records

clip_image002If you find some police officers in your ancestry and they served in the Metropolitan Police Force then this is the site for you.

Timelines, gallery of old images, history of policing and details of the archives. Plenty to read and see and there is advice on how to access and use the records that the archives hold.

Plus there are pages dedicated to some of the more famous historical criminals that the Met has had dealings with.


Irish Prison Records go online

clip_image002Today, launched online for the first time the Irish Prison Registers 1790-1920, one of the greatest untapped resources for those tracing their Irish roots.

The original Prison Registers, held at the National Archives of Ireland, cover all types of custodial institutions, from bridewells, to county prisons, to sanatoriums for alcoholics. They contain over 3.5 million entries, spread over 130,000 pages, with most records giving comprehensive details of the prisoner, including: name, address, place of birth, occupation, religion, education, age, physical description, name and address of next of kin, crime committed, sentence, dates of committal and release/decease.

The registers offer a real insight into 18th-19th century Ireland. They present evidence of a society of rebellion and social confrontation, where rioting and assault of police officers were everyday occurrences, and of rampant poverty and destitution, with the theft of everything from handkerchiefs to turnips.

Selborne Hampshire Riots

clip_image002If you have ancestors who were involved in the Swing Riots of 1830 then you will be interested in this website. John Owen Smith gives good background history of the riots that occurred in Selborne, Hampshire.

On the front page of this site there are some good links to history websites for this area of Hampshire.


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Coventry Family History Society

clip_image002The Coventry Family History Society has several online databases that you can search for free.

Coventry Family History Society –

This database contains some extracts from the register of boats working the Coventry canal. It covers the years 1879 to 1936 and is searchable on the surname of owners and masters.

Convict Register –

A copy of The Convicts Register is held in Coventry Archives under Reference 1755/1. This gives further information about the convicts including usually their photograph and sometimes details of their convictions. The page shown against each name refers to the page in the register. For a few names no page is shown as it is known to be missing. Some convicts had aliases and these have been included in the index.

Lascelles City Directory 1850 –

Trade directory for Coventry.

Plus details of how to join the Family History Society, their publications and Research Aids.

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Swing Riots 1830 – 1831

clip_image002Here is Jill Chambers website, Jill is sister to Barbara, who is the author of a very good site on researching ancestors in the Napoleonic Wars.

Jill’s area of interest is the Swing Riots 1830 – 1831, I have an ancestors, Enos Diddams, who was very involved in this period of civil unrest in England. Jill is the author of a numbers of books giving background history and details of those involved in the riots and what happened to them.

So if you have family living along the south coast at this time and they seem to disappear then you need to check out if they were involved in the riots and what was their fate. Sentences for those caught ranged from hanging to transportation to fines.

Great site, well worth a look even if your folk weren’t ag labs.


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