Every Man Remembered

WW1 genealogyThis website run by the British Legion allows anyone to commemorate those who fought in the First World War. Also available is a search facility to find out if someone else has recorded details of an ancestor.

Entering our family members details is the least we can do to remember those who made the greatest sacrifice.


Civil and Mechanical Engineers Records1820 – 1930

Civil and Mechanical Enginners genealogyAncestry has uploaded a new addition to it’s Occupations Collection, this time it is the turn of civil and mechanical engineers. The records include complete work records recording apprenticeships served, places worked, promotions, salaries and retirement details. Included is a dataset of photographs of civil engineers.

The three sections of the dataset are made up of

Mechanical Engineers 1870 – 1930

Civil Engineers 1820 – 1930

Civil Engineers Photographs 1829 – 1923

The Victorian era saw some great engineering projects such as railways, the underground, bridges and sewers, many of the people involved with these works are included in this dataset.

The original records are held by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the Institution of Civil Engineers.


Irish Petty Sessions Court Registers 1828 – 1912

Irish Petty Sessions GenealogyFindMyPast Ireland has added to their Irish Petty Sessions Collection. This is a very interesting set of records that covers 1828 – 1912. Petty Session records can uncover all sorts of crimes that our ancestors got up to ! As the title says these are petty crimes, but crimes never the less and no doubt were taken very serious locally. As several of my ancestors were known to be a little light fingered a few hundred years ago I have got to know Petty Session records quite well and I can recommend that you run your Irish family names through this collection.

This addition to the collection covers 44 new courts in 19 counties of Irelands, a further 55 courts have beend added to with records from extra years. The new courts are from the following counties –

Clare, Cork, Donegal, Dublin, Galway, Kerry, Kildare, Laois, Limerick, Longford, Louth, Mayo, Meath, Monaghan, Offaly, Sligo, Tipperary, Waterford and Westmeath.


Ancestors gone to New York?

New York GenealogyDid any of your ancestors sail across the Atlantic and settle in New York? Many of us will find that people who disappear between census suddenly appear in the Big Apple. FamilySearch have just released a very informative free guide to New York ancestors. The guide comprises a series of research articles about tracing ancestors in New York City which is a vast area so you need all the help you can get.

One of the many interesting points made in the articles is that early New York records are held on The Netherlands. Included is a link to the records available online through the FamilySearch website.



WW2 Far East Prisoners of War

http://www.cofepow.org.uk/index.htmlMy father fought in the Far East during WW2 and for a brief period was a prisoner of war so i was interested in the following website Children & Families of Far East Prisoners of War (COFEPOW).

Carole Cooper from Norfolk read a newspaper article in 1994 about a POW’s diary which had been auctioned and sold to an anonymous buyer. As Carole read more of the article she realised that the diary had been written by her father who had died in Burma whilst a POW. Carole tried to persuade the buyer that the diary should return to the family and she offered to buy it from him, but he refused. However Carole was not daunted and eventually she was given a photocopy of the diary. Reading it was traumatic, but answered lots of questions for her.

From the discovery of the existence of the diary has grown the COFEPOW website which is a must for those family historians who have Far East POW’s in their family. A campaign was launched to raise funds to build a fitting memorial to honour the men who lost their lives and also to those who survived. The Far east Prisoners of War Memorial Building was opened in 2005.

Essential website for research into this harrowing subject.