Webinars on Ancestry.com

I discovered today that Ancestry has a series of education seminars, they call them Webinars, available online. You have to go to their .com site, for some reason they are not available on their .co.uk site – or at least I couldn’t find them!

You can register and view them as they happen, but of course they are broadcast from USA so the timeĀ  might not be convenient for you, but all is not lost because there is access to them on demand. I have viewed a part of the seminar on English genealogy and it seems very good.I’ll be going back when I have more time to browse and view others.

I wonder if there is any chance of the UK site asking some of our own well known genealogists to present such seminars, I could supply a list of speakers and subjects if they care to ask me !!

Take a look and see what you think, you will need a subs to Ancestry to gain access.


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