Wakefield Burials & A Barnsley Historian’s View

A Barnsley Historian's view - genealogyFurther to my recent post on the online burial records for the Wakefield area I got a message from Linda Hutton telling me that the Wakefield Council have some of their burial records online for free. I’ve taken a quick look at the council’s website and below is a list of the cemeteries covered.

Alverthorpe Castleford New Castleford New Extension Castleford Old
Crigglestone Ferrybridge Horbury Knottingley

I then spent some time browsing Linda’s website which is called A Barnsley Historian’s View. Congratulations Linda on a great site with lots of well written and research posts. I can highly recommend this site to those with an interest in Barnsley as you never know you might be able to link in with some of Linda’s family names.




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