University of Cambridge Alumni

Online version of the Cambridge Alumni. The introduction says…………

This database is planned to contain biographical details of everyone who has been identified as being academically associated with the University of Cambridge, covering the period approximately from 1200 to 1900.
      In addition to the standard printed sources of information by Venn and Emden, which cover men only, we have added information from Newnham and Girton Colleges so that women are also included.
      The term ‘Alumni’ is used because the great majority of people included are men. Women were not represented in the University until the 1860s, and although they are of course included in this database the awkward ‘Alumni/Alumnae’ has been avoided.

At the bottom of the page is a warning copied below, but it will be a useful database in due course.

At present, the whole system is experimental. Data may alter or disappear without notice. We can accept no responsibility for your use of the system or the data contained here.



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