Tithe & Enclosure Maps Online

Tithe MapThe British Library has a good web page listing the Tithe Maps that can be viewed online for various counties. These maps aren’t part of the British Library website, but are hosted by the local archives themselves.

Coverage of online maps is patchy at the moment, but it does seem as if they are becoming more popular as a project for county record offices and archives. I note that the wonderful Berkshire Record Office Enclosure Maps website isn’t included. I’m surprised at the omission as this is a site that has set the standard for others to follow, I’ve put a link below as I can recommend you take a look at the site even if you don’t have any Berkshire Ancestors.Genealogy Family History Ancestry.co.uk

Ancestry.co.uk of course have recently placed online the Tithe Maps & Documents for Dorset, perhaps more counties will follow, fingers crossed. Remember you can enjoy 14 days free access to the Ancestry website if you haven’t subscribed in the past. There is a link below.

Back on the British Library website there is a helpful Guide to Tithe Maps which is worth reading before you dive into these records. National Archives also have a great guide to Tithe Maps and also one on Enclosure Awards

Tithe Maps, Apportionment Papers, Enclosure Maps & Papers are an underused genealogy resource and are a joy to use. Go on – break your reliance on parish registers and census and see what Tithe & Enclosure maps & accompanying documents can tell you about your ancestors!!




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