The Spectator Archive now online

The Spectator Archives Genealogy

The Spectator was first published in June 1828 and then as now it reported on the world current affairs from a British point of view. Not everyone will have a member of their family mentioned in this publication, but those who do will find a rich vein of information. Also of interest to family historians will be the reports written about the events of the day, these were written at the time and will have an immediacy that perhaps history books might lack.

As an example I put in the surname Pottinger and came up with 137 results, 106 of which referred to material written in the 1840’s concerning Sir Henry Pottinger who came from the Irish side of the family and his activities in Hong Kong and India. To test a search for background information I put TonyPandy Riots into the search box and it came up with 3 articles about these now largely forgotten riots of 1910 & 1911.

Well worth spending some time on, but beware like all research into newspaper archives it is very easy to get sidetracked !

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