The London Gazette, 1825-1962

London Gazette Genealogy has added the London Gazette for the period 1825 – 1962 to their collections. If you have never used the Gazette then you might be surprised what you may find in there. Admiralty & War Office reports military appointments, promotions & medal awards, civil service news, British citizenship grants, law changes & new laws, deceased estates, bankruptcies, OBE & other awards and name changes by deed poll.

The gazette started in 1665 and is now the oldest continuously published newspaper. The early editions only contained the law changes. The publications are browse only at the moment, but I would have thought they would be a prime candidate for indexing.

The London Gazette along with those for Belfast and Edinburgh have been online for some time free of charge. A quick search of one of my family names DIDDAMS came back with 77 entries for that name. The entries dated from 1841 to 2011and covered a wide range of notices and added considerably to my family history. Interesting the earliest and latest notices concerned bankruptcy, which perhaps shows that life doesn’t change much! The Gazette doesn’t simply cover London, but deals with events that occurred throughout Britain.

The Ancestry collection notification states that there are random gaps in this collection and it does not include every volume published between 1825 and 1962. I couldn’t find out if this was the case for the official website, but suspect that it doesn’t.

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