The Evacuees Reunion Association




Excellent website with amongst other items a growing database available to researchers.


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  1. jeanette butcher says:

    I was most interested to see in the library today in Bexleyheath the magazine of the Evacuees Association, and once I was home, I looked up details about the magazine, and will certainly be subscribing later today. However, I wonder if you can help us, as you seem to have a mine of information and knowledge which you have gained over the years. My sister is researching our family tree, which she has been doing for some time now, but is stuck on going any further back with our paternal grandfather Frances Rafferty born in Belfast about 1854/5 – on the census form his place of birth is given as KELANCE or HELANCE, Belfast. However, we are told that there is no such place as either of these names, and I wonder whether you may be able to give us any ideas on how to research further – I have been in touch with the Irish Records Association, and various others, but no luck unfortunately. If you have any idea how we may research further, I would be very grateful for your help. In the meantime, with best wishes to you – Mrs Jeanette Butcher

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