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The East India Register & Directory 1844 and Thacker’s Indian Directory 1895

The East India Company started out as a commercial trading venture, but gradually took on governmental and military functions until the British Crown took direct control following the Indian Rebellion of 1857. This register is a fascinating record of the company rules and regulations, as well as a directory of the company’s servants, detailing their appointments and lists of their casualties. Among the material of great interest to the family historian are military lists, and even records of births, marriages and deaths that took place among the European community in India.

Thacker’s Indian Directory of 1895 is an almanac of British and foreign merchants, commercial industry, military, railways, government departments and European and prominent native residents. If you know of an ancestor that may have been in India at this time, this directory can help you find out about their life, where they lived and what they was doing. This is the first time these collections have been made available to search online, so all you need to do is type in a name or keyword.

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  1. Hi Linda,
    I am having a lot of trouble with finding relatives who worked and died in India. Is there a sites like ‘trove’ in Aust. that has Indian newspapers? Looking for Frank Douglas Roberts, a surgeon, born in Hobart, Tasmania(1879) and studied medicine at the London University. Lived in Dibrugarh, Assam and probably worked at the Berry-White School of Medicine there, that trained doctors. He married Constance Salmond(born in Rockhampton, Qld 1879)at St.Paul’s Cathedral,Calcutta on 28 Sept 1912. She was the daughter of a Scottish doctor who emigrated to Qld and was the public health doctor for the government. She was a talented musician and singer, performing in London, then returned to Sydney in 1910 before travelling to India to be married.
    Frank Roberts died on 30 March 1913,at his residence in Dibugarh, but from what I don’t know. How do you apply for a death certificate from India?
    Also looking military information for Corporal John Benn of the 17th regiment of foot, who fought in India and in the first Afghan War in the 1840’s. He was a military pensioner, who came out to Tasmania on the ‘Eliza’, with his wife and daughter.
    I would appreciate any help or names of websites that would further my research.

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