The City of London Cemetery and Crematorium

I’ve been busy the last couple of days working on my talk on London Cemeteries for the 3rd Unlocking The Past Genealogy Cruise and happened to come across this website with access to the original burial registers for this large cemetery. I was unaware of this website, perhaps you are too?

The website tells us that ……..

The City of London Cemetery and Crematorium has been open since 1856 and there are over 150 years of heritage recorded in the Cemetery Burial and Cremation Registers. There are 88 Registers, weighing around 25kg each, with over 300 pages of recorded interments / cremations per register. Approximately 600,000 people have been interred here and with the remains of over 30 London Church yards also placed on the site, the figure is approaching 1 million.

The scans of the registers aren’t indexed, but can be browsed page by page as we used to in pre-internet days.clip_image002

What makes this cemetery interesting is that an Act of Parliament in 1860 allowed for the demolition of many unused City of London Churches and the land on which they stood reused. The churchyards of these churches were emptied and the remains of those buried there were re-interred in this cemetery. The cemetery also contains inhumations from London Churches destroyed during the blitz. There is a list of the churches affected on the Wikipedia website which also give a good description of cemetery.

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