Guide to London and Middlesex Burial Registers Online

Guide to London Burial RecordsI’ve come across this excellent Guide to London & Middlesex Burial registers and their availability online. Written by the very experienced genealogist Cliff Webb this guide is available for download or printing on the West Surrey Family History Society website.

Over a number of year Cliff Webb has worked hard on indexes and publications that make London Family History research so much easier for genealogists. I think Cliff is one of genealogy’s heroes!

The guide was written in 2009 and at the end of the introduction I was amused to see that Cliff Webb has signed and dated it thus “Cliff Webb, Feast of St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen, 2009” which is the 24 April 2009 !!

The guide consists of 16 pages which must represent many hours of work. Many thanks to Cliff & the WSFHS.



Billion Graves now on Ancestry has gathered the BillionGraves website into it’s fold, the BillionGraves website is still up and running, but can now also be searched via All part of Ancestry’s plan to be the #1 genealogy one stop shop no doubt. The search is free through Ancestry and doesn’t require you to be a subscriber and presumably when you do a search and a name is found it directs you through to the BillionGraves site.

I say presumably because when I tried I got the Please Search Again message from Ancestry saying The search request could not be completed because insufficient information was provided to If the search request originated from another web site, please contact that site’s administrator to resolve the problem.”  I checked that the Billiongraves website was up and running and it was, so I think it must be the link between and Ancestry.

The database is heavily bias towards the USA, but has a growing number of English graves, all the work is undertaken by volunteers so it is dependant on someone going out with the iPhone/Android App and clicking away and uploading the photos.

I did a search for the surname Pottinger in the UK on the BillionGraves site and came up with two entries from Kingston upon Thames and four from Edinburgh. Well worth bookmarking this site and it will be good when it is fully integrated into Ancestry.



Bolton Collection now completely online

File:The Chapel at Overdale West Crematorium - - 501010.jpg

Deceased Online has announced that with the uploading of 136,000 records for Overdale Crematorium their Bolton Council Collection is complete.

Overdale Crematorium was opened in 1954 and the records available are from that date until 1993. More recent records can be obtained from Bolton Council. The records offered are digital scans of the crematorium registers.

Also Deceased Online announced that more records from the Greater Manchester area would be released soon plus an announcement about records for the Bolton area is to be expected next month.

The seven Cemeteries and one Crematorium that make up the Bolton Collection are

  • Astley Bridge Cemetery, opened 1884
  • Blackrod Cemetery, opened 1887
  • Farnworth Cemetery, opened 1876
  • Heaton Cemetery, opened 1879
  • Horwich (Ridgemont) Cemetery, opened 1928
  • Tonge Cemetery, opened 1856
  • Westhoughton Cemetery, opened 1858
  • Overdale Crematorium, opened 1954

Image Overdale West Crematorium – The copyright on this image is owned by Alexander P Kapp and is licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

Funeral Memorial Cards

Memorial CardI’ve just had a talk to my friend Sue and she commented on the Star Letter in the latest “Your Family History” magazine in which a reader has a collection of several hundred Memorial Cards. He offers to search the collection for family names of other readers.

Sue suggested that a National Memorial Card database might be a good idea attached to the MadAboutGenealogy website whereby readers of this website could scan their cards and I would place them on a searchable database. Sounds like a good idea, so if you would like to scan and send any memorial cards that you have to me at [email protected] I’ll see what I can do about starting a database. I think we should limited it to pre 1918 cards.

clip_image002[5]Memorial cards are little treasures for the genealogist, the Victorian ones are particularly beautiful and often packed with information about birth and death dates, relationships and burial details. They were generally given to friends and family of the deceased by those arranging the funeral. Sometimes they include the time and place that the funeral was to take place so were almost like an invitation card, whilst others were sent as a remembrance for those who were unable to attend.

A Google search brings up a large number of hits and a Google Image search has many fine examples.

The Ephemera Society has a good page on the cards and Victorian funeral requisites in general. As you would expect The V & A Museum has a good collection some of which are online on their website.

More Fife Burial Records online

clip_image002It’s the 3rd of January and I am still posting about dead people !!!

This time the news is from Deceased Online who have sent out a pre-release statement telling us that they have just completed the data for a total of 41 burial sites in Fife, Scotland. This data included churchyards as well as the usual cemeteries. 80,000 names dating back to 1635, they have all got to be on someone’s family tree.

Also they have hinted at exciting news about some major data releases that are going to happen in February and March. I have been lucky enough to be allowed to announce one of the major releases whilst on the Unlock The Past Genealogy Cruise in February, can’t tell you what it is, but it is very exciting !! Still time to book a cabin aboard Voyager of the Seas and find out ahead of the official announcement Winking smile