SIGMA BOOKS – publications for local & family historians

Sigma BooksSigma Books is a small independent publisher, specialising in publications for the local and family historian. At present, most of our publications relate to the counties of Suffolk, Berkshire and Yorkshire. Our range of books and CDs is gradually expanding, so it is always worth having a look at the News page to see recent additions to our range. [New CD of East Ilsley wills published 1 June 2009]


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Free Genealogy How To Books Online

Well these books seem a real bargain at the right price = free!!

@Home with Your to Research Family History using the internet – Diane Marelli

Free genealogy book, just download it and enjoy. Covers the basics and beyond.

Tracking Down Your Ancestors – Harry Alder

Free genealogy book, just download and enjoy. Covers quite an extensive range of aspects and genealogical records.

The Beginners Guide to Tracing Your Roots – Diane Marelli

Free download of this book. Using her own family as an example Ms Marelli show how she traced her roots.

Google Books have a lot to interest family historians

Googlr booksGo to  toward the middle of the top is the word "more", clicking on this bring up a drop down box. Click on books and you are into a treasure trove of books that are available online. Some are previews, some abstracts and some are there in their entirety.

It is mainly the older out of copyright books that are there complete and those are just the sort of books that family historians are after ! A search on the word genealogy came up with 152,600 books, must be something in there worth reading !

Try putting in your family names or the villages/towns that they came from. You will note that there is a drop down book next to "Showing" this allows you to limit your search to All Books, Limited Preview or Full View Only. Full view is when the whole book is available for download or viewing online.


Here is a quick link to the search results for "genealogy"

Here is a quick link to the search results for "family history" – 515,600 books.

Go and have a play, hours of interesting reading all available to you in the comfort of your own home!!

Digitising of Books valuable to Family Historian hits 25,000 mark

This press release was published by the LDS Church just before Christmas. Having used the library housed at the LDS Genealogical Library in Salt Lake I can vouch for the rare & unique books that are housed there. It’s good to know that the scheme is to be expanded to other libraries.

 LDS Digitised Books

FamilySearch Digital Preservation Initiative Hits a Milestone

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH—FamilySearch International reached a milestone today with the digitization of its 25,000th publication online. It began the initiative in 2007 and is ramping up to do even more—and faster. The effort targets published family, society, county, and town histories, as well as numerous other historical publications that are digitally preserved and made accessible for free online. The digital publications can be searched at (Go to, then click Search Records, then click Historical Books).

The 25,000th digitized publication was "A History of Lewis County, in the State of New York, from the Beginning of Its Settlement to the Present Time" by Franklin B. Hough. The book was published in 1860. The lengths of titles digitized to date vary in length, but the average is about 350 pages. There are even publications in Spanish, German, French, and Russian.

FamilySearch has nearly a million publications in its famous Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, and there are millions of similar publications elsewhere in the United States. "The problem with the collection [of out-of-print titles] is limited access," said Ransom Love, FamilySearch senior vice president of Strategic Relations. "To view the publications, patrons have to travel to Salt Lake City or one of FamilySearch’s affiliate libraries. If you are lucky, you might be able to order a microfilm copy, but then you have to wait for it to arrive at your local family history center. And there’s the inconvenience of having to read it on a film reader," added Love.

FamilySearch aims to change all of that. Working with volunteers and select affiliate libraries, it plans to create the largest digital collection of published histories on the Web. It is targeting a wide range of historical publications—for example, users might be pleasantly surprised to find digital copies of Hawaii Sugar Planters Association Filipino Laborer files (1909-1949), medieval family history resource titles, and oral history abstracts (mostly from Hawaii), and numerous gazetteers.

"These are publications that were usually limited in the number originally printed and therefore only accessible in a few libraries or special collections worldwide. Yet there can be some great information of genealogical significance in the publications that only a few people would have access to prior to now," said Love.

Through its Records Access Program, FamilySearch is digitally preserving a copy of the publications and making them available online for the masses. Once digitized, the collections have "every word" search capability, which allows users to search by name, location, date, or other fields across the collection. The search results are then linked to high quality digital images of the original publication.

FamilySearch is not stopping with its own collection either. Over the past year, it announced that it is also helping to digitize and publish collections from the Brigham Young University Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University—Hawaii Joseph F. Smith Library, Allen County Public Library (ACPL) in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Houston Public Library, in Houston, Texas, and Mid-Continent Public Library Midwest Genealogy Center in Independence, Missouri. When all is said and done, there will be over a million publications in the digital collection online. It will be the largest free resource of its kind.