Find My Past online magazine



Find My Past has announced that there are to launch an online magazine called “Discover My Past”, they already have a Scottish Genealogy online magazine and this new publication is to be an English version. The cost is to be £7 for three issues. There is a preview button which shows you the first 6 pages of the current issue.

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Old Dorset books online




Don’t forget to check out Dorset books on, a search using the word Dorset brought up 335 entries.






Google Books have 22,910 Dorset books so you might want to make a cuppa before you start to browse!





Gosh the county of Dorset has some good websites for genealogists!! Check out which offers the Domesday Book, old maps and much more.



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Pen & Sword Books




Pen & Sword Books publish an amazing array of book that are of great interest & value to any genealogist or history lover. I’m a great fan of their books and can recommend them. You can buy them through The Book Depositary which offers free postage worldwide, a great saving when some book sellers charge as much for the postage as for the book.

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Our RootsHere is the description from the front page of this website.

Our Roots is a library, archive, museum and school all in one. Check the collection to find Canadian local histories in French and English. Check Educational Resources for learning packages for students and teachers. Check back with us often – we’re always adding more.


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