London Metropolitan Archives Now Online has put the first records online from the London Metropolitan Archives. They are Poor Law Records 1840 – 1948, Workhouse Births & Baptisms 1834 – 1906 & Workhouse Deaths & Burials 1834 -1934. According to an article in the Daily Mail they reckon to have all the records online by late 2010. What a great resource this will be for those of us, and that must be most of us, who have London ancestors.

Having said that I have just tried to access some records and it comes up telling me to upgrade my subs to Premium, as I already have a Premium membership this seems a little odd. Hopefully they will respond to my email and put this right.



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British Telecom Archive Catalogue now online

BTThe BT Archive has now put their catalogue online. You can search through the catalogued entries for documents, books, objects, images and films on subjects spanning the development of telecommunications, from the birth of the electric telegraph in the 1830s to the explosion of the internet and the rise of competition. The catalogue will be updated regularly with descriptions of additional material.