Tasmanian Wills

clip_image002I’ve been sorting out my Whiting family who emigrated to Tasmania in the 1880’s. I came across the Tasmanian Library & Archives site and they have the wills indexed and scanned 1824 – 1989 and all for free.

What a wonderful service ! The site has lots of other datasets to search so I’ll let you know what else I find as I explore this site further that is after I have checked for wills for everyone on my list.

All this in between putting up the Christmas tree and working out how many mince pies are likely to be consumed in the next few weeks ….. the answer to that is too many !



London Wills 1523 – 1857

Ancestry.co.uk has just released London wills 1523 – clip_image0021857. Wow !! What a resource these are going to be. A veritable goldmine for all genealogists. Most family trees are going to have ancestors who wandered through London at some stage so it is well worth taking a look.


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Free National Probate Calendar

Ancestry.co.uk is offering free access to the NationPicture1al Probate Calendar until 8th July. These are a wonderful resource and cover the period 1861 – 1941 and can give the date & place of death, name of testators, occupation, marital status amongst other data. Go take a look!


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Dorset Parish Registers & Wills

A press release from Ancestry.co.uk …..

Very good news if you have Dorset ancestry, seems as if they have got an agreement with Dorset Archives. It appears that Ancestry is working with the Record Offices & Findmypast with the Family History Societies. We live in interesting times !!


16th-century Dorset was a fascinating place. It was at the heart of England?s religious disputes, with seven abbeys dissolved by Henry VIII and Catholics fleeing to France off its coast.
It was a naval stronghold, supplying eight of the ships that destroyed the Spanish Armada in 1588.
It was also a hive for pirates and smugglers, to the extent that special commissioners were appointed to patrol the seas.
Families living in these troubled times faced difficult decisions every day. From simple choices like whether conditions at sea were conducive to fishing; to life-changing judgements such as what religion to follow, there were risks at every turn.
You can see how your ancestors coped with such testing circumstances with new parish and probate records at Ancestry.co.uk.

Work your way through the generations to follow the twists and turns in your family?s past. Parish records for Dorset will be released going all the way back to the Tudor period, but get started with these earlier collections right now on Ancestry.co.uk.
Dorset Parish Records 1913 – 2001  includes over one million records of baptisms, marriages, burials and confirmations all over the county.
Once you pinpoint the parish where your forebears lived, you can quickly build a timeline of the key events in their lives.
You can then delve deeper with Dorset Wills & Probate 1565 – 1858.
The wills themselves show who benefitted from each estate ? providing vital clues about family relationships.
If you’re lucky enough to find an inventory, that will provide a complete list of your relative’s personal possessions ? from expensive jewellery to simple pots and pans.
As you build your family tree, call in on key moments in history, from D-Day landings, through rural riots, to bloody civil war battles.
And see how these crucial events impacted your ancestors? lives.



LMA & Ancestry

clip_image002Got an email from the FFHS this morning about a meeting that they attended regarding cuts at the LMA. Amongst the information given was news about what Ancestry is releasing next from the LMA. It seems that London wills and Electoral Rolls will go online later this year along with the 1911 census. These releases will be followed by City of London Freedoms and talks are being held with the Livery Companies about digitising their records which are held by the LMA.

So good news, plenty of helpful London additions coming our way. It was interesting to note that the 1911 census will be included in all subscriptions not just the more expensive ones. Findmypast has had a good run with their exclusive offering of the 1911 census and I am sure they paid dearly for that right, but it will be good to see the census more widely available and affordable.




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