Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britian

Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britian genealogyJames Taylor of the JGSGB kindly sent me notification of their 1st Family History Fair to be held on 7 July 2013 at Elstree. The fair will include family history exhibitors & vendors and also representatives of Jewish cultural organisations which will be very helpful for those dipping their toe into Jewish genealogy and culture for the first time.

There will also be translators on hand to help decipher Hebrew into English. However I suspect that the most important aspect for researchers will be the lectures given by experts on Jewish genealogy. Below is a list of the lectures on offer. Wouldn’t it be great if these could be videoed and made available online?

  • Functionalism and Intentionalism: is the debate still relevant? by Dr. Toby Simpson
  • Family Trees, SmartMatching, SuperSearch, RecordMatching and DNA Tests by Laurence Harris
  • From Tolerance to Expulsion by Dr John Richmond FFA, BA, MA, PhD
  • An Unfinished Suit – A Promise to a Kinder Transportee by Rabbi Bernd Koshland
  • A Silence that Speaks by Susan Soyinka
  • Finding Jewish Roots in Poland by Susan Fifer BEd
  • Jews of Lithuania by Sam Aaron
  • From East End to Land’s End by Susan Soyinka
  • Is Zionism a Modern Invention? by Clive A Lawton JP, BA, MA, Med, MSc, CertEd, ADB(Ed)
  • Jewish Roots in Scotland by Harvey Kaplan MA
  • Online research resources and technique by Mark Bayley, B.SC (Hons)
  • Family Trees, SmartMatching, SuperSearch, RecordMatching and DNA Tests by Laurence Harris
  • The legal system and Nazi persecution by Janet Mills MBE, MA
  • Ask the Experts chaired by Michael Hoffman   Panel: Ric Cooper, Doreen Berger, Susan Wolf, and Reva Hill

More information available on the JGSGB website

The Wiener Library

The Wiener Library has relocated from Devonshire Street to 29 Russell Square, just round the corner from the British museum.

The library was established by Alfred Wiener, a German Jew who fled Germany in 1933. It is said to be the oldest Holocaust Memorial Institution in the world and contains much of interest for those with Jewish ancestry. Many of the resources are available online.

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