Pomeroy Family History


Pomeroy Family AssociationChris Pomeroy is well known in genealogy circles as an expert in DNA as well as his leadership of the Pomeroy Family Association. So if you have Pomeroy’s or one of the variants of the name on your family tree then you are very lucky and can link in with some very knowledgeable genealogists!


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Price of DNA testing reduced

It’s not something that I think would help me in my research, but perhaps I don’t know enough about it. Anyway www.ancestry.com has reduced the price of it’s DNA testing to $79US. Their press release states….

Provo, Utah, January 27, 2009 — Ancestry.com, the world’s largest online resource for family history, has reduced the prices of its genetic genealogy DNA tests, allowing consumers more affordable access to the family history information provided by these tests.
Effectively immediately, the 33-marker paternal lineage test is now only $79 (down from $149). The paternal lineage test analyzes DNA in the Y chromosome, which is passed virtually unchanged from father to son. Advanced paternal lineage tests, maternal lineage tests (which looks at mitochondrial DNA passed from a mother to her children), and combination paternal and maternal lineage testing options are also part of the product suite.

So if you think it would help, then it’s just got cheaper !!!