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FindMyPast hasn’t released much in the last few weeks, perhaps they are getting ready to announce something big or simply don’t have anything new ready to offer us? However today they have released a dataset of a list of British Royal Navy ships destroyed during World War 1.

The original records are housed at The National Archives, Kew where you inspect them free of charge. If you can’t get to Kew then FindMyPast is the way to access these records, the details you can expect are as follows –

  • Ship name
  • Date it was destroyed
  • Number of officers killed or wounded
  • Type of vessel
  • How and where it was destroyed

Used in conjunction with the other WW1 records on FindMyPast they are a useful addition to the Naval records now online.

Prisoners of War Records now online

Prisoner of War RecordsFindMyPast has added WW1 & WW2 Prisoners of War records to their military collection. The records were provided by the Naval & Military Press and consist of 7,703 British Army Officers who were Prisoners of War between 1914 and 1918 and over 170,000 records for British Officers and Men held in WW2. The WW2 records include Navy & Air Force personnel as well as Army.

The records vary in amount of information offered, but each entry could contain name, rank, service, section, dates held, death if it occurred in captivity, camp name etc.

This set of records will add much to researching the life of military ancestors.


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Ancestry 1911 Census complete

Great news that Ancestry now has the complete 1911 census indexed, it still has the final column that asks about infirmities covered, but no doubt that will be revealed in due course.

The 1911 is important, as all the census are, but especially so as not many years afterwards WW1 started and many of the young men recorded on this census went off to fight the war to end all wars. What a wonderful concept that was and it must have been a great rallying cry for recruitment. We all know that it didn’t work out like that, but as I work through the census adding the information to my genealogy I shall give a special thought to those of my ancestors who didn’t return for the fields of France.


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Craven Yorkshire website

An interesting article in this months WDYTYA magazine pointed me to this website which is dedicated to the men who fought & died in WW1 and who were from the Craven district of Yorkshire. The Craven district is the area within a 20 mile radius of Skipton in North Yorkshire.

So if you have an interest in this area take a look at this site, it is a great example of what people with an enthusiasm for history can achieve.


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Improved CWGC Website

CWGCThe Commonwealth War Graves website has been updated and genealogists may be able to discover more about ancestors to died in WW1 & WW2.

New search options include being able to search by rank, regiment, service number or awards/honours. More options are said to be being added in the coming months.


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