1871 Scottish Census

1871 Scottish CensusDon’t usually post about Scottish records (the English ones keep me more than busy!!), but FindMyPast has just released indexed transcripts for the 1871 census for the whole of Scotland.

No scans of the original forms, you would have to go to Scotlands People for those.

However transcripts are better than nothing and as long as you source where you got your information from that is ok by me 1871 Scottish Census


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Scotland 1911 Census

I expect you all know by know that the 1911 census for Scotland was Scotland 1911 Censusreleased on 5 April. It can be accessed via the Scotland’s People website. It is pay to view on a purchased credits basis and that isn’t cheap if you have a lot of people to find. I prefer site where you can buy a yearly subscription and you can search during that time to your heart’s content.


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