1901 Census for Scotland

I don’t usually cover genealogy matters in Scotland (English ones keep me busy enough!!), but I thought I would make an exception today. FindMyPast has just released the 1901 census for the whole of Scotland which means they now offer on their .co.uk site Scottish census 1841 – 1901. This might be handy to know if you have ancestors in England who lived in the counties which border Scotland.


Digging Up Your Roots–Scotland


BBC Scotland is asking for listeners who have a query or story that they wish to share to contact them so that the query/story can be considered for inclusion in the new radio series of “Digging Up Your Roots” that is starting in January.

Contact them at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b007rv8d

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1871 Scottish Census

clip_image002Don’t usually post about Scottish records (the English ones keep me more than busy!!), but FindMyPast has just released indexed transcripts for the 1871 census for the whole of Scotland.

No scans of the original forms, you would have to go to Scotlands People for those.

However transcripts are better than nothing and as long as you source where you got your information from that is ok by me Winking smile


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Scottish Burials


More cemetery records have been added to the Deceased Online website. Below is the Press Release….. Note these records go live early evening on Friday.

Edinburgh: 300,000+ burial and cremation
records added to Deceased Online
Nearly 1 million Scottish burial and cremation records now available
• 313,000 records for Edinburgh’s Seafield Cemetery and Crematorium and for Warriston
Crematorium are now on www.deceasedonline.com.
• Nearly 39,000 burial records dating from 1888 to the present day for Seafield Cemetery
feature scans of mortality registers (with many of them including details of the type of
hearse used!).
• Over 49,500 records from 1939 for Seafield Crematorium are available as scans of
cremation register pages.
• Records for Warriston Crematorium, numbering nearly 225,000 and dating back to 1929,
are available as scans of cremation registers. Please note: records up to 1991 are immediately
available – records after this date are still being uploaded but will be available shortly.
• The combined Edinburgh dataset of 313,000 means that the total Deceased Online
database for Scotland now numbers just under 1 million burial and cremation records


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40,000 Scottish Burials

Press Release from www.deceasedonline.com


40,000 more Scottish burial records including Peterhead added to Deceased Online

Two Aberdeenshire coastal town cemeteries and a small
Aberdeen City graveyard added to growing
Scottish burial database

  • Nearly 19,000 records commencing 1869 for Constitution Hill Cemetery in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire are immediately available on www.deceasedonline.com. The records include digital scans of mortality registers which are rich in detail and include full names, designations of heads of families, occupations, causes of death, places of death, addresses, ages and grave references.
  • Over 16,000 records, dating back to 1615, for a second Peterhead cemetery, St Peter’s Churchyard, are currently being worked on and will be completed and uploaded onto Deceased Online shortly.
  • The database for the City of Aberdeen has also been increased with the addition of nearly 4,500 records for the small John Knox graveyard. The records are for the period 1838 to 1894 and have been transcribed from Doric language grave diggers’ registers and include various spelling


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