Royal Family History

Genealogy Family HistoryA post to celebrate the Jubilee !!

This website offers information about the Royal Family History so if you think – or know – you have a connection to the Monarchy then this is the site for you. On offer is information about Biographies, a Timeline, Family Trees, Line of Succession, Coats of Arms and much more.

Take a look you mind be surprised just how closely you are related to the Queen !


Royal Household Records

Royal Household RecordsI posted about this record set just a few days ago and now they are online – gosh things move fast in the family history world !!

This collection offers a real insight to life in the Royal Household, just the thing for the Jubilee Weekend. It is not just those high up on the royal servant pecking order that get mentioned so this dataset is worth searching even if you feel your ancestor never got further than scrubbing the royal kitchen floor!

Personally I am hoping to find a Keeper of the Lions in the Tower ancestor or perhaps a Royal Molecatcher or two !!

Enjoy Smile

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Royal Household Records to go online

If you think you have an ancestor who worked for the Royal family then here is some good news for !! An agreement has been reached between FindMyPast and the Royal Archives to scan and place online on the FindMyPast website documents that will help trace the employment history of the Royal employees.

The records range from the 17th century to 1920. Something to look forward to!!

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